Report: Mavs' Cuban looking at buying into Stars Staff

2/12/2010 1:00:30 AM

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is considering buying a piece of the Stars, but does not want to purchase the club outright, reports the Dallas Morning News.

"I've talked to some folks about playing a small role in the purchase [but I] won't look into buying the team," Cuban told the newspaper.

The Mavericks' owner has made headlines in the past by speaking his mind, regardless of potential consequences. He has been fined on numerous occasions by the National Basketball Association for critical statements about the league, its rules and officials.

While Cuban does not want sole ownership, at least one player on the Stars thinks having him involved, even in a small way, would be a benefit to the team.

"[Cuban] doesn't want to be the primary owner, but I think having him involved in some capacity would be great," Stars veteran Mike Modano told the Morning News. "He has great enthusiasm for sports and for Dallas, and that would obviously be a big boost. But really, our owners have had that so far, and I imagine they will going forward, so it's not like we're lacking it or anything.

"But yeah, having Mark involved would be good for visibility and helping to expand the market. It would definitely be interesting, you have to say that."