Dreger: Some players pushing Fehr for NHLPA's top job

Darren Dreger

3/17/2010 8:59:16 PM

Will Don Fehr become the NHLPA's next Executive Director?

There are a number of NHL players quietly pushing for that to happen.

Fehr forged a reputation as one of sports most powerful figures during his 26 years as Major League Baseball Players' Associations executive director - and many influential NHLers believe he's the man to bring order to the chaotic leadership that has plagued the NHLPA since Bob Goodenow left in 2005.

Fehr left the baseball union in December and swiftly took on an advisory role with the NHLPA as a main project.

He is currently on a union committee focused on rewriting the Players Association's constitution, a process nearly complete after several months of work.

Fehr is also slated to sit on a search committee whose mandate is to identify candidates for the position of executive director, a job some players believe he's perfect for.

According to a recent report in the Sports Business Journal, Fehr is considering the NHLPA's interest, however, he isn't discussing his future in relation to hockey, and those close to him say he never comments on conversations he has with players.

No timetable has been set for naming a new executive director, however another possibility includes Fehr retaining his advisory position long-term to work alongside the PA's next hired gun.

Don Fehr is scheduled to speak at an NHL player agent meeting in Toronto later this month.