Fast Break: Will the Raptors make the playoffs?

Leo Rautins

3/29/2010 11:00:19 PM

This season, Leo Rautins looks at the biggest issues in the NBA in a halftime feature called Fast Break.

On Monday, Rautins offered his thoughts on Chris Bosh remaining in Toronto, the Raptors' playoff chances, and whether the Magic can rely on Vince Carter in the post-season.

Question: Will Chris Bosh be in Toronto next season?

Do you think the Raptors have had enough talent to get past the first round in their playoff appearances? I do. That means if you're Chris Bosh, and you want the franchise money, if you haven't been past the first round, maybe you have to look in the mirror. That's where I think it's important. Being a franchise guy isn't just going somewhere where there is more talent, it's making your team better.

Question: Will the Raptors make the playoffs?

I think they will. They have enough talent to get there. The game on April 11 against Chicago, the third last game of the season, may be a deciding factor because Chicago is coming on strong. But it would be a shame if the Raptors didn't, just based on the talent level alone going into the season.

Question: Can the Magic rely on Vince Carter?

They don't have a choice. He could be going into that pre-playoff rest, which does happen with a lot of guys, but the reality is this - Vince Carter can give you two or three great rounds, I don't believe he can give you a full playoff run right into the championship series. I just don't think he has it in him.