NHL On TSN Quiz: Will Iginla be with the Flames next season? Staff

4/7/2010 9:35:13 PM

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Question 1: Will Jarome Iginla be back with the Calgary Flames next season?

Bob McKenzie: I will say yes. I think there are a lot of questions as to who would be back with the Flames next year whether it is in the front office or on the ice, but at the end of the day they have to start next season with Jarome Iginla. There are many things that need to be fixed in Calgary and I'm not sure trading him would fix them all.

Ray Ferraro: I'm going to say no because the team has severe cap issues and trading Iginla is the best chance to fix a roster that is constructed poorly.

Craig MacTavish: He'll be back, that would be a bad place to start dumping salary. This is the ultimate irony from my perspective, they have had trouble scoring goals, so they are going to jettison the guy who does it best and has done it the best for nine straight years. He's had nine thirty goal seasons and I can see him in any other uniform.

Question 2: Should the NHL retire Bobby Orr's No. 4 league wide like they did with Wayne Gretzky's No. 99?

Craig MacTavish: No, I don't think the league should start dictating to the owners what numbers they can use and what numbers they should hang in the rafters. His contribution to the game is indisputable, but I'm going to say no in this instance.

Ray Ferraro: I'm going to say yes because they did it with Wayne Gretzky, the greatest forward of all time, so they should do it for the greatest defenceman of all time. They should do it because I think the young kids are going to forget how great a player Bobby Orr was. You can argue there is historical footage, but most young kids don't have a clue how amazing a player Orr was.

Bob McKenzie: I'm going to say no. I love Bobby Orr, but No. 4 for the Boston Bruins has been retired and if you want to learn about Orr, look up in the rafters in Boston. I was not keen when the NHL retired No. 99 league wide, I like the fact that kids like Taylor Hall and other great young players get to pay homage to Orr by wearing No. 4.

Question 3: Does the fact the Pittsburgh Penguins have only three wins in 17 games against NHL division leaders say anything about their playoff prospects? Does it not matter at all, or is it very telling and worrying?

Ray Ferraro: I'm going to go with very telling and worrying. If you can't beat the best teams, how can you consider yourself a contender? Of course the Penguins are the defending Stanley Cup Champions, but they have had zero success against the top teams.

Bob McKenzie: I'll say it is worrying as well. The three wins they have had over teams above them in the standings have all come against one team, the Buffalo Sabres. I know regular season records don't translate very well into the playoffs, but I think there is cause for concern in Pittsburgh.

Craig MacTavish: I will say very telling. I'm a numbers guy and the numbers don't lie, these are damning numbers for the Penguins.