NHL on TSN Quiz: All-Canadiens playoff edition Staff

5/14/2010 11:13:21 PM

It's a special all-Montreal Canadiens playoff edition of the NHL on TSN Quiz, as the panel weighs in on the on-ice and off-ice adventures of the bleu, blanc et rouge.

Question #1: Has Jaro Halak done enough to be afforded the legendary status earned by Ken Dryden in 1971 and Patrick Roy in 1986 and 1993? We're not comparing their careers, we're just comparing those magical playoff runs.

a) Yes, he's done enough
b) No, he has to win at least one more round
c) No, he has to win the Stanley Cup

John Anderson: Absolutely he has to win the Cup. You can't give the king his crown before the coronation. He's got to finish it off and do the job with the ring on his finger.

Bob McKenzie: No, he's got to win the third round. If he get the No. 8 seed - this collection of Montreal Canadiens - to the Stanley Cup final, he's still in the territory where he could end up winning a Conn Smythe trophy, a la Roger Crozier.

Darren Pang: I think you've got to win the Cup as well. I'm not going to use a big word like "coronation" like John Anderson the coach would use. But I am going to say that Dryden in '71 shouldn't have won the Cup and they did. And '86 and '93 - you have to win the Cup.

Question #2: Which is the most shocking individual Canadiens storyline other than the one fashioned by Halak?

a) Mike Cammalleri's scoring
b) Hal Gill's dominant role on defence
c) P.K. Subban's emergence on defence

Pang: It's got to be about Mike Cammalleri. Is there any question? I mean, tying Guy Lafleur's career playoff high with 12 goals? The Flower was my hero growing up, going down the right side and there's Cammalleri - 14 games played, 12 goals, 18 points, four power play goals. That's spectacular.

Anderson: I think it's got to be Subban. This kid played with my second son in Belleville and he was very, very talented but looked uninterested in the play and now that he's being challenged, he's bringing his play to the centre stage, and I've got to give Martin a lot credit too for giving him that chance to play 20 minutes a game.

McKenzie: I'll go with Cammalleri's scoring as well, for the same reason Darren Pang said - when you're equating Cammalleri with Lafleur and what they did in playoff years. If Cammalleri doesn't score another goal, he's still tied with Lafleur, the next one puts him by and that's pretty special.

Question #3: Which is the best "TMZ" storyline of the Habs' playoff run?

a) the dressing room dressing down (Carey Price to Sergei Kostitsyn)
b) the Tomas Jagr affair (Plekanec/Jose Theodore)
c) the Ovechkin snow-gate (snowing the kid)

McKenzie: I'll go with the dressing room dressing down. The funny thing about this one is that Price was regarded as a guy whose work habits maybe needed to be better in practice. By all accounts in Montreal, he's completely turned the corner on that and has been one of the hardest working Habs, so now he's in a position to be able to go to Kostitsyn and say, 'You should be out there for extra skating.'

Anderson: I've got to go with the Ovechkin thing. He's a fun-loving guy and he loves to play the game just for playing the game of hockey, never mind the big money, although he does get it. That young kid will remember that moment the rest of his life and probably has a picture on his wall right now.

Pang: I'm going to go with Plekanec and what happened. I think it stirred up the nest a little bit when you're talking about the Capitals and the Canadiens. The bottom line is that Montreal won, so it stirred it up enough for Theodore to say, 'Oh, Tomas Jagr?' Of course, Plekanec had a great series against the Capitals.