Report: Stadium location crucial for future of Ticats Staff

5/19/2010 10:41:58 AM

Depending on where the new stadium for the 2015 Pan Am Games is built, the future of the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton could be at stake.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, Ticats owner Bob Young does not want to underestimate the importance of the stadium location as it relates to his team.

"It's absolutely at risk," Young told the Spectator. "If Ivor Wynne falls down and we don't build a viable alternative, where are the Cats going to play?

"So, yeah, this is serious. We believe we can work through it. We're optimistic. But don't let's pretend it's not serious."

The city would prefer a location on the harbour that would be easily accessible by public transit and could revitalize the downtown area while the Tiger-Cats would like the stadium built outside the city (Confederation Park) to accomodate more parking and increased visibility on the highway for naming rights.

But if the two sides can't get together in the next six weeks, there is the risk the stadium will not be built in Hamilton.

Young feels the negotiations got off to a bad start when the city ruled out the Confederation Park location without studying the pros and cons first.

Nevertheless, Young appears willing to accept the final decision of the city if the alternative is no stadium at all.

"Let me be really blunt," Young told the Spectator. "I've said directly and really consistently from Day 1: I don't care where the (expletive deleted) stadium goes as long as we build it in Hamilton." 

Toronto won the right to host the 2015 Pan Am Games in November.