St-Pierre and Laraque to face off in grappling match on OTR Staff

5/19/2010 7:02:46 PM

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and former Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque appeared on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg on Wednesday, and the two friends accepted a mutual challenge to face off in grappling match.

The bout will take place at St-Pierre's Tristar gym in Montreal, and will be shown on Friday's edition of Off The Record, at 6pm et/3pm pt on TSN.

"First we will do a wrestling match, because he believes that he is going to be able to put me down at will, and I believe that I am going to be able to put him down at will," explained St-Pierre.

"On the ice I would never go against him, he's going to beat me and I agree with that 100 percent, but on the floor I have no problem," GSP added.

St-Pierre currently weighs 190 pounds, while Laraque tips the scales at 270 pounds, something the former NHL tough guy thinks will work in his favour.

"I think because of the weight difference he's going to have a hard time," said Laraque. "I want to pick him up and body slam him."

"The problem is Georges believes I am like a tomato can you can grab at the supermarket and you can lift it and do what you want," remarked St-Pierre "He's going to find out that it's not that easy." 

After defeating Dan Hardy at UFC 111 in March, GSP will now coach against Josh Koscheck in Season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. Following the show, the pair will meet with the UFC welterweight title on the line.

Koscheck became the number one contender by defeating Paul Daley at UFC 113 in the Bell Centre. After the win, Koscheck antagonized fans in Montreal stating that the Pittsburgh Penguins would knock the Canadiens out of the playoffs and that he would go on to beat St-Pierre.

Koscheck's first prediction proved to be false, and GSP didn't hesitate to address his second claim.

"He's wrong, I'm telling you right now. He will be wrong," stated St-Pierre.

As for his matchup with Laraque, St-Pierre wasn't ready to give up his gameplan.

"I have a strategy, but it's like when you play cards, you don't want to show your hand."