NHL on TSN Quiz: It's your call on the Habs/Flyers series Staff

5/22/2010 12:21:09 AM

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Question 1: What single factor or combination of factors, is most likely to settle the Montreal Canadiens/Philadelphia Flyers series?

Bob McKenzie:  I'll say goaltending and specifically if Jaroslav Halak.  If he can elevate his game to the level that he did in the Pittsburgh or Washington series when no one could get a puck by him, the Habs have a great chance.  The flipside of that is if Michael Leighton plays like he did on Thursday night where things seemed to be able to just go through him, that could switch momentum in a hurry.

Ray Ferraro:  I'm going to say if the Flyers are able to impose their physical will on the Canadiens more so in Games 1 and 2 as opposed to how things went in Game 3.  Montreal was able to skate on Philadelphia in Game 3 as the Flyers were nowhere near physical enough.  When you hear the players talk about the necessary adjustments, for me it's imposing their will physically.

Mike Peca:  I think a big determining factor is going to be the depth of the forward lines.  I think that the Canadiens got a big contribution from their third line in the last game but it's going to be awfully tough to match Philadelphia's depth up front.

Question 2:  Which of the two biggest agitators left standing in these playoffs has had the better run so far in the post-season – Dan Carcillo or Max Lapierre?

Ray Ferraro:  I'm going to say Lapierre, but only because in his role, to play on the third line, to be physical and contribute when you can, he has been far more effective than Dan Carcillo has.  Carcillo had a couple of goals early in the playoffs and he plays on the Flyers top line with Mike Richards, but he has not been enough of an aggravating force and he has not been productive enough.  Lapierre has done the job better.

Mike Peca:  I think that Dan Carcillo has been more effective.  I think that if you look at the way that Simon Gagne has come back and the way that Mike Richards is playing on that line, a lot of that is due to the play of Carcillo.  He creates a lot of space for those guys in the offensive zone.

Bob McKenzie:  I'll say Lapierre because I think that he has elevated his play to go with all the smiling and "Woo-woo" antics.  When I look at him I just feel like slapping his face and that's probably as good an indicator as any that he is doing his job.

Question 3:  Now that Mike Cammalleri trails only Frank Mahovolich and Yvan Cournoyer for the most goals by a Canadiens player in one playoff, what should his nickname be?

Mike Peca:  I'm going to go with 'Little Italy.'  I think because he's a smaller statured guy and Italian, I think it seems to fit.

Bob McKenzie:  I'll also go with 'Little Italy.'  I think it's the best of a bad lot.  Nicknames are a funny thing, if you force them it's not there and I think we are forcing the issue here.

Ray Ferraro:  I'm going to go off the board and pick 'The Great Gazoo,' the alien from the Flintstones.  The little guy with the giant helmet.  That's Mike Cammalleri right there.

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