McKenzie: All the details on the Spezza situation in Ottawa

Bob McKenzie

6/3/2010 3:05:16 PM

Here is everything you need to know about the Jason Spezza situation in Ottawa.

The Senators, in a perfect world and for the right price, would not be opposed to trading Spezza, although that won't be easily done with another five years left with a cap hit of $7 million per year on his contract and with Spezza coming off a sub-par playoff performance.

Spezza, all things being equal, would likely appreciate a fresh start, somewhere where he's not the poster boy for playoff failure or the guy who gets booed every time he turns over the puck.

At this point, Spezza knows the Sens would move him for the right price and the Sens know Spezza would not be broken-hearted to be moved, not that he has any say in the matter because his no-trade clause doesn't kick in until July 1.

There has not been any "trade me" ultimatum from Spezza, simply an end of year conversation with Sens' GM Bryan Murray in which Spezza expressed frustration for having become the whipping boy in Ottawa.

It's not difficult to read between the lines. An amicable divorce might work well for both sides.
But neither the Sens nor Spezza are about to proclaim their relationship over because there is a very real chance Spezza cannot be traded at this time and he starts next season with the Senators.

It's hard to say how this will play out but as near as I can tell there are no villains here.

If I were Spezza, getting booed and seemingly becoming the focal point for the team's failures, I would probably just as soon start over somewhere else.

If I were the Sens, coming off yet another playoff disappointment, I would like to explore my options for going in a Spezza-less direction.

But it's a cap world and Spezza's contract won't be an easy move.

They may well have to live with each other. But you can be sure the alternatives will at least be explored.