It's Your Call: Did Bosh damage his reputation?

Barry Riz,

7/7/2010 12:42:23 PM

So the Chris Bosh era is all but over for the Raptors and the city of Toronto.

And yet after seven seasons with the organization that drafted him, where he has been nothing but a team player, a strong representative of the franchise, and a generous contributor to the community, Bosh could receive the kind of reception upon returning to the Air Canada Centre that to date has been reserved solely for the likes of Vince Carter.

Which is to say, Bosh probably destroyed seven years of Toronto goodwill in about ten days flat.

Instead of going about his business quietly, he alienated the Raptors organization and presumably many of their fans by letting the world know via Twitter just how excited he has been to be a free agent.

Just before midnight on July 1, Bosh tweeted "The time is finally here. Thank you for all the support. I'm nervous, but I'm excited and READY! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!"

And in the past week, he has detailed his meetings with several NBA clubs with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Then on Wednesday morning, not long after the first reports came out that he had decided on the Miami Heat, his next Tweet stated, "What's all the fuss about this morning? I woke up to a ton of emails, texts and missed calls. I'll check the news later. Sitting down for my belgian waffles right now."

No comment, essentially. But his tongue was firmly in cheek, it turns out, since he was on ESPN alongside Dwyane Wade to announce the Miami deal less than two hours after the post.

The Raptors were reportedly willing to work with Bosh to create a sign-and-trade, but by making a deal on his own, he has handcuffed Toronto's ability to get quality players after-the-fact.

For the Raptors, it's yet another franchise player lost. And with Toronto's bridge mostly burned with Hedo Turkoglu, the franchise is in a state of disrepair that hasn't been seen since the departure of one-time GM Isiah Thomas.

And having Bosh rub salt in the wound just makes it all worse.

So we come to you: Has Bosh harmed his reputation in Toronto by conducting his free agency in such a public way?

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