Your Call: Do you agree with Ticats' owner Young's approach? Staff

8/10/2010 2:24:26 PM

In a digital world of texting, tweeting, and video chats, receiving a well thought out letter is a refreshing link to a simpler time. That is, unless you are Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger.

On Monday, Eisenberger was the recipient of a stern memorandum from Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young informing the Mayor and members of the city council that the team would be rescinding their support for a proposed stadium project, hinting that the club may be forced to leave Hamilton following the 2011 season.

"It saddens me to advise you that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club is withdrawing from any further discussions and negotiations pertaining to the siting of the Pan Am Stadium in Hamilton," Young wrote in the letter to Eisenberger.

"We will play out our days at Ivor Wynne," Young explained. "My major regret is the harsh reality that after next year, there will be no home for Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the city where we shared so much success and positive experiences together."

As the city council meets today to vote on the potential stadium for the 2015 Pan Am Games, Young's actions have raised an eyebrow from CFL fans across the country. While some believe Young is merely posturing, talk of the team relocating is tough to brush off.  

Whether you're a Ticats fan or not, do you agree with Bob Young's approach? 

The timing of Young's letter, one day before the council was to meet, was certainly intended to attain the maximum possible impact on the vote itself. 

Debate over the location of a new stadium has been ongoing ever since the 2015 Pan Am games were awarded to the Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe region. Young has urged the city to consider a site other than the West Harbour, eventually settling on an East Mountain location.

"The West Harbour option which you personally have driven gives the Tiger-Cats no hope of running a sustainable business," said Young in the letter. "Using “best practice” criteria, and confirmed by leading experts around North America, this proposed stadium would rank dead last in North America in terms of usability for its tenants."

Currently the Tiger-Cats call Ivor Wynne Stadium their home, but with their lease set to run out after the 2011 campaign, the aging venue can no longer be counted on to host nine home games each season.

Previously, Young had promised to contribute $15 million toward the east mountain stadium, and another $59 million if the Ticats managed the site. After Monday's letter, it no longer appears Young is willing to make those commitments.

While the Ticats' future plans remain up in the air, Young has played his trump card. 

If you were the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, would you have approached the situation in the same manner as Bob Young? It's Your Call.