Craig's List: Looking at a few of the top draft prospects

Craig Button, Special to

3/5/2011 9:51:20 AM

The Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers are in a different stretch run of sorts, with both teams contending for the top pick in this June's NHL Draft.

With that in mind, former NHL executive and scout Craig Button of the NHL on TSN and NHL Network provides Craig's List - a monthly look at his own Top 30 for the draft.

This month, Craig looks at a few of the top picks that could be in Ottawa and Edmonton's sights.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a premier centre who creates offense and makes everybody around him better. He has great vision  and creativity, his hands are quick and he is a superb passer. Don't worry about his stature, he is extremely elusive and very difficult to check.

The Oilers selecting him would add a perfect compliment to Taylor Hall who has the ability to score 50 goals. Playing with a player like Nugent-Hopkins could help him realize that lofty achievement. He reminds me of a Brad Richards in his style and abilities.

Gabriel Landeskog

Gabriel Landeskog is a blend of power and skill and every team covets somebody like this. We drafted Brenden Morrow in Dallas and I see similarities to him in Landeskog.

Adam Larsson

Regardless of Craig's List, if I was managing in Ottawa, I would select Larsson, the big defenceman from Sweden. He is a complete player who can play in all situations in the game and log big minutes.

He can run a power play and has a big shot. These types of defencemen are rare and he would be a perfect fit for the Senators.

Ryan Strome

Ryan Strome of Niagara reminds me of Denis Savard - I saw Savard play junior and fans know what he did in the NHL.

Strome has an exciting quality about him. He can put people on the edges of their seats with his ability to do unbelievable things. He is unpredictable and that makes it hard for defenders to know what he is going to do.