Leafs not impressed with Marchand's 'golf' message Staff

4/1/2011 11:41:43 PM

With the playoff-bound Boston Bruins leading 3-2 in the second period of Thursday's game against the Leafs, forward Brad Marchand decided to send a little message to the Toronto bench.

He skated over to the Toronto players and mimicked a golf swing, the universal sign to let a team know their season is over while yours is continuing.

Leafs defenceman Luke Schenn took notice of the gesture but was much happier with the final result of the contest, when Toronto pulled out a 4-3 shootout victory.

"He definitely did the golf swing during the game and it's pretty unclassy," said Schenn. "It's nice that we came back and won that game and stuck it to him a little bit."

Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson didn't see Marchand's actions and didn't think anything the Bruins rookie did was important.

"I didn't notice it and I could care less if he did that anyway," said Wilson. "Maybe he's going golfing today, but it was snowing in Boston so he's just getting warmed up. It's irrelevant."

Toronto forward Joffery Lupul feels like it's something the veteran players on the Bruins should address.

"Hopefully the guys on his team deal with that because I know when I was a rookie the guys on my team would deal with that," said Lupul.

Boston head coach Claude Julien was no more impressed with Marchand's actions than the team they were directed toward.

"It's just one of those things," Julien told "He's been a good player for us. His emotions sometimes can be a positive, but sometimes you don't want to cross the line, and you certainly don't like that when that happens. It's a learning process."

To his credit, Marchand also accepts that what he did was being criticized as not being in the best taste.

"It was a little immature of me," Marchand told ESPN. "I shouldn't have done that. I got a little bit of an earful, but it won't happen again."