Boudreau wants NHL to look at questionable hit by Staal Staff

4/18/2011 1:02:32 PM

Raffi Torres' hit on Brent Seabrook on Sunday night shouldn't be the only incident that the National Hockey League should be investigating - that is, according to Bruce Boudreau.

On Monday, the Washington Capitals' head coach took issue with what he considered a questionable hit that New York Rangers defenceman Marc Staal landed on his own blueliner Mike Green.

"It was a dirty shot," Boudreau told reporters. "I hope the league looks at it."

During the same shift as captain Alexander Ovechkin's tying goal near the end of the second period, Green skated into the high slot to get the puck with head turned. As that happened, Staal caught the him in the head.

"I'm listening to all the experts last night on Torres' hit on Seabrook and they're all saying there's no puck, it's not a hockey play, the guy's in a vulnerable position and he hits the head," said Boudreau. "That's exactly what we're trying to get out of the league and out of the game and Staal comes in. There's no puck, he takes his arm and swings it on his head but it's all forgotten because we scored a goal to tie the game up. But it shouldn't be forgotten and it's not the first time they've targeted Mike's head."

Green - who returned at the start of the playoffs from a concussion that caused him to miss 20 games - got up slowly and played the rest of the game. "Mike's fine right now," said Boudreau. "They took a high hit - they're coming after him. (Rangers forward Brandon) Prust left his feet in the first period and went at the head as well."

While Boudreau wants the NHL to look at the hit, he did draw the line between hitting in general and what should be deemed acceptable.

"I have no problem with hitting," he said. "Let's hit as hard as we can. That's what this game is all about. But you cannot target the head."