Hodgemail: What should Winnipeg's NHL team be called? Staff

5/17/2011 9:11:38 PM

The city of Winnipeg's wait for an NHL franchise might soon be coming to an end.

First, it was the Phoenix Coyotes in the news as the potential team moving North and now the attention has shifted to the Atlanta Thrashers.

While the timeline for a formal decision on the Thrashers is anyone's guess at this point, it might not be too early to imagine a seventh team in Canada.

To that end, if the Thrashers do end up moving to Manitoba, should they take the Jets name again? The NHL owns the Jets' nickname, but there is some school of thought that if a team returns it won't be branded Winnipeg - but rather Manitoba.

How does the Manitoba Jets sound?  What about keeping the Moose moniker from the current AHL team?

There's also a historic precedent for calling a team the Winnipeg Falcons, the team that won the first Olympic hockey gold medal in 1920.  

Does a second run in the city deserve a new name and look or would a return to the Jets name and colours be more fitting? 

So here was Dave's question to you: If the NHL returns to Winnipeg, what should the team be called?

And here were the answers that Dave liked best:

"Call them the Manitoba Monarchs...and put the picture of the Queen back up." - Jonathan

"The Boomerangs has a nice ring to it...we always knew they'd come back." - Troy, St. Catharines, ON

"Let's remember Louis Riel and call them the Winnipeg Rebels. Imagine the logo! - Drew, Thunder Bay, ON

"With respect to Manitoba's many thousands of lakes, call them the Lakers and imagine the buildup in the other markets when you say the Lakers are coming to town." - Kevin, Toronto

"They're the Thrashers. The Jets were Hawerchuk and Hull and Selanne and Kyte. Dustin Byfuglien and company will never be the Jets." - Neil, Winnipeg

"Imagine marrying your second choice and calling her by the name of your first love. Let's play it safe and go with Jets." - Chris, Winnipeg

And here is Dave's Reply to All:  Playing the Name Game

And sure, the easy answer is Winnipeg Jets. The other easy answer is Manitoba Moose. Two wrong answers are Winnipeg Moose and Manitoba Jets. And I'm not much for those old Stanley Cup champions, the Winnipeg Victorias, or the old Olympic champions, the Winnipeg Falcons. Let's try to get creative. It would be nice to consider something that reflects the French-Canadian influences in the city and province, so let me suggest Winnipeg Voyageurs. And though I've never been much for the hockey names that don't end in "s" - Lightning, Wild, Avalanche - but I'm about to suggest another one. Winnipeg's most famous symbol is the Golden Boy statue that adorns the Manitoba legislature. There's a baseball team called Gold-eyes. The most famous Jet of all was a Golden Jet. The Bombers' colours are blue and gold. There is gold in Manitoba. And in the NHL, I would like to see the Manitoba Gold.