Dreger: Bergeron discusses alleged bite from Burrows

Darren Dreger

6/2/2011 1:01:53 AM

Some thoughts from the NHL on TSN panel on Wednesday night:

Following Game 1, Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron had a lot to say about the scrum that took place at the end of the first period, where it appeared as though Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows bit Bergeron's finger.

Bergeron was talking a lot about it after the game because he was the victim in this case. Bergeron described the scenario and he talked about the three French guys that were involved in it, including himself, Burrows and linesman Pierre Racicot.

The replay showed Burrows with Bergeron's finger in his mouth as the two got tangled up behind the Bruins net, with Racicot in between the two players.

Bergeron said that he asked Racicot why he wasn't calling a penalty, and that Racicot responded by saying that Bergeron had put his finger in Burrow's mouth.

Burrows denied that he bit Bergeron.

Further Review

One thing I noticed coming out of the Bruins dressing room after the game, Kris King, who is one of the series supervisors here for the NHL, pulled Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli aside, Charelli did not go after him.

I'm sure that the Bergeron/Burrows scrum was one of the items that was discussed and perhaps explained.

I expect that the league will review it. We do know that there are precedents in this case, so I'm sure the league will take a hard look at it and Mike Murphy will determine whether or not supplemental discipline applies.