League says Burrows will not be suspended for biting incident Staff

6/2/2011 3:15:51 PM

Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows will not be suspended for the alleged biting incident that took place between him and Boston's Patrice Bergeron during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday.

NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations Mike Murphy announced the decision in a statement on Thursday.

"After reviewing the incident, including speaking with the on-ice officials, I can find no conclusive evidence that Alex Burrows intentionally bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron."

Murphy spoke to Burrows informally on Thursday, and there was no official hearing. The league concluded after the meeting that this was a scrum-related issue and that no official saw it.

The incident occurred during a scrum at the end of the first period. While a linesman was trying to break up some pushing and shoving, Bergeron's hand ended up near Burrows' face and a television replay appeared to show the Canucks' forward biting down on a finger of Bergeron's glove.

Bergeron said that his finger was cut after the incident.