Dreger: Canucks unhappy about Boychuk hit on Raymond

Darren Dreger

6/14/2011 6:53:07 AM

Some thoughts from the NHL on TSN Panel on Monday night:

The Vancouver Canucks were very upset that there was no penalty call on the play where Mason Raymond was injured on the first shift of the game.

Canucks general manager Mike Gillis stormed out of the TD Garden after Game 6, questioning a lot of people as he headed toward the Canucks' bus as to whether or not anyone saw the puck near Raymond when he was hit by Johnny Boychuk.

It was an unfortunate collision but was it malicious? Not according to the National Hockey League.

I contacted the NHL and they didn't see it as being malicious, but because of the lateness of the hit and the fact that the puck was nowhere near Raymond, that's why Gillis and the Canucks are as upset over that hit as they are.

 We can't get into specifics regarding Mason Raymond but the early indication is that his injury could be significant. 

Overall, the Canucks are quite concerned with the level of the officiating to this point. Now the series is tied 3-3 and I'm sure if you talk to Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli, he might have concerns as well.

That's just the way it goes this time of year. But late in the third period of Game 6, Brad Marchand of the Bruins punched Daniel Sedin four times and the Canucks forward did not retaliate.

Afterwards, Sedin said he'll take those punches but he did get upset when referee Kelly Sutherland separated the two players.

Sedin said he asked Sutherland why he wasn't calling a penalty and the referee responded with 'I will'. Sedin jokingly replied, 'When, after the fifth punch?'

So according to the Canucks, there is a theme that has evolved in this series.