Report: Stars' GM Nieuwendyk willing to move14th pick Staff

6/23/2011 10:20:07 AM

With trade talks heating up ahead of Friday's NHL Entry Draft, Dallas Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk has stated his willingness to deal the 14th overall pick.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Nieuwendyk feels it would be very unlikely that Dallas would trade up, and that his club would look to trade down to get another pick later in the draft.

"I think moving down is a more realistic possibility," Nieuwendyk told the Morning News. "Our guys feel that after a certain point in this draft there are a number of good players and you'd be happy with acquiring any one of them.

"We don't have our third round pick, so trying to get an additional pick is something that will definitely be discussed."

The Stars dealt the third round pick (75th overall) in the draft to the New Jersey Devils last season in a deal that landed them forward Jamie Langenbrunner.