Blackhawks' Carcillo wastes no time in calling out Canucks Staff

8/8/2011 2:50:29 PM

It didn't take long for newly-signed Dan Carcillo to stoke the fire of the Chicago Blackhawks rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks.

Asked what he thought of the Canucks at his introductory press conference, Carcillo did what he does best.

"I watched that series and I'm actually pretty excited to play them because there's a few guys there that I think played a little bit outside of their shoes," Carcillo said. "I think I can keep most of those guys in check when we play them this year so I'm pretty excited to play them."

When asked to name specifically which players he had a problem with, the 26-year-old winger didn't hold back.

"Lapierre, Glass, and Torres. Just because. Lapierre's at the top of the list."

While Tanner Glass and Raffi Torres have since moved on from the Canucks - Glass signed with the Winnipeg Jets and Torres with the Phoenix Coyotes - Carcillo will get his wish to meet Lapierre in a Canucks uniform. The first of four meetings between the Blackhawks and Canucks is November 6 in Chicago.