Iginla confident back spasms won't keep him out for long Staff

9/19/2011 3:16:37 PM

Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla addressed the situation with his back following practice on Monday, saying he is confident he will be back to feeling 100 percent very soon.

Iginla left the ice during the Flames' hour-long skate after only 20 minutes on Saturday, complaining of back spasms. He said the spasms happened while making a turn and described the pain as feeling like a stiff neck - only lower.

Iginla said that his back felt much better on Monday after being really tight the day before and added that if it were sore enough, he would probably not try to play; even if this were the regular season.

In 2010-11 Iginla led the flames with 43 goals and 43 assists playing in all 82 games.

Iginla, nor the Flames, put any timetable on his return, but the Flames captain did not seem concerned that the spasms would be a long-term issue.