Your! Call: Can anyone reach Calvillo's all-time yardage mark? Staff

10/11/2011 3:56:08 AM

Anthony Calvillo has gone where no other pivot has gone in professional football history.

His pitch and catch with Jamel Richardson shattered another record in this season full of record-shattering marks, this one giving him the necessary yardage to pass Damon Allen's career yardage mark of 72,381.

And while he continues to pad that all-time mark (there's still no official word on what he plans to do beyond this season), will this number be enshrined as one of those 'can't reach' marks, like Joe Dimaggio's 56-game hit streak, Wayne Gretzky's 92-goal season or Oscar Robertson's triple-double average for an entire NBA season?

Here's a look at some of the potential contenders:

Peyton Manning, Colts
Age: 35
NFL Seasons: 13
Yards: 54,828

The closest active player to AC. The all-world pivot for the Colts is currently not in the chase as he recovers from offseason neck surgery. While health is certainly an issue, Manning would need to average 4,000 yards passing a season (a number he's hit 11 of his 13 seasons) for five more years to pass Calvillo's current mark.

Henry Burris, Stampeders
Age: 36
CFL/NFL Seasons: 13
Yards: 41,376

Virtually all of Burris' yards have been earned during his time in the CFL. Since 2004, Smilin' Hank has thrown for at least 4,200 yards per season. Taking that figure, the Stamps pivot would need to average that for nearly eight more seasons to give himself a shot at Calvillo. It might sound outlandish that he could last until he's 42, but there is some precedent, at least in the CFL, with Damon Allen playing at an above average level till he was 44.

Ricky Ray, Eskimos
Age: 31
CFL Seasons: 9
Yards: 39,150

He's still pretty young, and has done some remarkable damage during his nine years in the CFL. He's already had three 5,000-plus yard passing seasons, and traditionally plays in a pass-happy vertical offence. Ray would need to manage seven more 4,500-yard campaigns to break 70,000, leaving him at around 38 years old and within healthy striking distance of the current mark.

Tom Brady, Patriots
Age: 34
NFL Seasons: 11
Yards: 36,618

Brady had to wait in the wings for his opportunity to be the full-time starter in New England behind Drew Bledsoe, and he also had to sit out a year after a knee injury in the first quarter of the Patriots' first drive in the 2008 season. Think about how prolific Brady has been, and the video-game style numbers he's put up: and even then, at this rate he's still not even halfway to the mark. Even if you take his best passing year (4,800 yards in 2007) as his average (insane, yes), Brady would need to replicate that total seven more seasons – just to crack the 70,000 yard mark.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Age: 27
NFL Seasons: 6
Yards: 14,444

The NFL's newest elite level quarterback is not even halfway through his fourth full season as a starter in Green Bay. After some guy named Brett Favre finally moved on, Rodgers has evolved into arguably the top passer in the NFL. He is on pace for 5,500 yards passing this season on one of the most potent offences in pro football. At that rate, he'd have to hit that figure on average for a decade to crack the 70,000 mark.

So you've met some of the usual suspects. Do you think anyone can surpass Anthony Calvillo's all-time yardage mark? It's Your!Call.