NHL on TSN Quiz: Should Nash ask Blue Jackets for a trade? Staff

11/9/2011 10:11:16 PM

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Question No. 1: Daniel Alfredsson talked to NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan AFTER it was decided Wojtek Wolski would not be suspended for his head hit on Alfredsson. The NHL only talks to the perpetrator before making discipline decisions; should it talk to the victim as well?

Bob McKenzie: No, it's not the Supreme Court hearing, there is something called video, it's all right out there in living colour.  Already you're talking to the player, you're talking to the general manager, you're talking to the agent of the player and you're talking to the Player's Association. We don't need to cloud this any more, we know they want the guy suspended.

Aaron Ward: Yes, you should have an opportunity if you have something to add, something relevant.  The PA represents at the hearing but they represent the player that committed the infraction. So defend yourself and have an opportunity to explain if there was a past history.

Marc Crawford: No, I think the NHL has done historically a very good job of taking consideration of the injuries that occur, of the players and the incidents.  They do a good enough job already.

Question No. 2: Should Rick Nash request a trade out of Columbus both for his own sake and for the sake of the team?

Ward: Yes with an asterisk. Go through the season, endure it, take your time, make it look as if you're processing it evaluating through the summer seeing where Columbus is going and what acquisitions they've made and then make that change.  For the good of yourself and your team, Columbus should get a windfall of players and something back worthwhile and for him and the team they both need a fresh start.

Crawford: No, I think Rick Nash is one of the top three or four power forwards in the game.  If he played like he did in the Olympics, that would be what the Columbus Blue Jackets need.  If they get that Rick Nash, why would they trade him? You look for those guys forever.

McKenzie: A qualified yes. If the ownership in Columbus decides to clean house and get rid of general manager Scott Howson, they'll be embarking on another direction.  I don't know if I were Rick Nash, I'd want to stick around for another direction because they'll have their three year plan of how they want to do things.  If they keep the general manager and Nash is part and parcel to that, I'd say stay and tough it out as best you can.  If they go in a different direction, I'd say he should as well.

Question No. 3: Should the NHL, as the NBA has for zone coverage, outlaw defences such as what we saw in the first period of the Tampa Bay-Philadelphia game?

Crawford: Yes, this is typically something that could really hurt hockey.  Fans don't want to watch that type of a system where nothing is happening.  I think unfortunately this is absolutely something that the league will have to address.

McKenzie: No, it's another knee jerk reaction to something we saw five minutes ago, let's let this play out.  The Lightning are playing something called the neutral zone trap, it's only been around as long as the game itself.  Now all of a sudden Peter Laviolette orchestrates something that says if they aren't going to play aggressive we aren't going to play aggressive and we're in front of your home fans so let's see how you like that. Let's let this play out and see how it goes.

Ward: No, you know what's in your locker room, play to your strengths, and understand what you have out there.  Ohlund is gone, Hedman is gone, if you want to win the game and that's what the NHL is all about.  Is it fun to watch? It's about as much fun as watching you put mousse in your hair, but bottom line is you're judged on wins alone and the two points in the column.  If this wins it for them, go ahead.