Reimer's mother shares concerns as time passes Staff

11/10/2011 12:44:34 PM

Toronto Maple Leafs fans aren't the only ones awaiting the latest news on the head injury to goaltender James Reimer. His mother wants to know too.

Speaking to The Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk on Wednesday, Marlene Reimer said she is mystified by what's going on with her son's health.

"We're beginning to be a little more concerned than we were at first," Marlene Reimer told Feschuk from her home in Manitoba. "At first, when (the Maple Leafs) said it was just going to be a day-to-day whiplash kind of thing, you just wait it out. But definitely our concerns are getting a little stronger as time that passes. We're definitely hoping there are going to be some answers coming out of the team shortly, what they're doing or what they're planning to do."

The 23-year-old was struck in the head when he collided with Montreal Canadiens captain Brian Gionta in the first period of their game on Oct. 22.

The club has since used the terms whiplash, concussion-like symptoms and upper-body injury to describe the injury, but Marlene Reimer just wants the bottom line.

"That's the frustrating part for us - not knowing what it is, and why they're not calling it a concussion when they say 'concussion-like symptoms,'" she told The Star. "Like, how is that not a concussion? The initial test showed him to be clear of a concussion. But as it goes on, it's kind of mystifying. He's okay some days. And some days he's definitely not okay."

This isn't Reimer's first run-in with this type of injury, as Marlene Reimer says her son has had 'several' concussions throughout his playing career.

Asked about her son's current condition, she said it depends on the day.

"He looks clear," she explained. "His eyes look fine. But he says he still has that nagging headache. I think his doctor finally said, 'Let's take you off the ice and see if it improves.' ... I'm hoping there'll be some good news pretty soon."

Following Thursday's practice, Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson told reporters he wasn't pleased with the Feschuk story. He felt the decision to talk to Reimer's mother crossed the line.

The Maple Leafs have dropped two in a row, falling hard to the Boston Bruins in a 7-0 loss on Saturday before dropping a 5-1 decision to the Florida Panthers on Tuesday.