Penguins' Crosby responds to Foligno's comments Staff

11/26/2011 11:36:48 PM

A day after being called out by Ottawa Senators forward Nick Foligno, Sidney Crosby responded following the Pittsburgh Penguins victory on Saturday.

"I don't what he's talking about. I was preaching about the hits like [Max Pacioretty's hit on Kris Letang] tonight, not a scrum," explained Crosby. "I don't know what he expects after he runs a goalie three times.

"He's probably lucky it was me that was handling it and not someone else. I think if he's going to do that, he should be ready to expect a response."

Friday's incident began when Foligno fell over Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury in the third period. Crosby responded by cross-checking the Senators forward twice. Foligno answered back with a cross-check of his own before Crosby delivered an elbow to the head of Foligno. 

At that point, Penguins forward Chris Kunitz jumped in and a scrum ensued.

"It's not a big deal, but it is something that he preached all summer about that we should limit that and then he goes and does it, so I was just a little disappointed," Foligno said Friday. "But, you know, that's a small part of the game and it's over now."

Crosby was assessed a two-minute elbowing penalty on the play while Foligno received a roughing minor.

"I think he's blowing it totally out of proportion," stated Crosby. "Two nights before that I go into a scrum and I get punched in the head. I accept that.

"I'm going into a scrum that's part of playing the game."