Muamba brothers set to square off in Grey Cup

Mitch Ward,

11/27/2011 6:13:30 PM

Winnipeg Blue Bombers rookie linebacker Henoc Muamba and B.C. Lions defensive back Cauchy Muamba have nothing but love for one another off the field.

But come tomorrow, all bets are off when the two brothers from Mississauga, Ont. square off on opposite sides of the field for the Grey Cup.

"I love my brother but if he's in my way I'm gonna have to get him out of there," Henoc said of what will happen if Cauchy and he meet on punt coverage.

"Once the whistles blow on Sunday, he's a B.C. Lion and I'm a Winnipeg Blue Bomber."

Older brother Cauchy agrees.

“We might knock each other out,” he said.  

If the Lions beat Henoc's Bombers, Cauchy says he's not letting little brother touch the Grey Cup.

"Definitely not, he's gonna have to earn it if he wants to touch the Grey Cup," said Cauchy. "This one I want for me and when I win it I'm keeping it for myself."

Henoc, says things are going to go a little differently.  

"It's great to dream big, but unfortunately not every dream comes true," Henoc said of Cauchy's Grey Cup prediction. "It's gonna be mine and he'll have to see my ring everyday."

Henoc, the younger but larger of the two Muamba boys, was taken with the first overall pick by Winnipeg in this year's CFL Canadian Draft.

Cauchy meanwhile was selected in the fifth round with the 34th pick overall in 2010 by the Lions.

Both Muamba brothers say their parents are happy for them but both mom Louise and Dad Germain are staying neutral when it comes to cheering.

"They've always been supportive of us, since we both started playing professional and before," said Henoc. "At then end of the day they'll be happy no matter who wins."

The brothers say let the best man win.

And on Sunday we'll find out who that is.