Montreal tabloid rips Cunneyworth for 'another loss' Staff

12/20/2011 4:31:52 PM

Le Journal de Montreal didn't pull any punches on Tuesday morning following the Canadiens' second loss under interim head coach Randy Cunneyworth.

The front page read, "Inacceptable" with poll results saying 72 percent of Quebecers were against having a unilingual head coach.

And at the bottom of the French language paper, a caption read 'Another loss for Cunneyworth…' in English.

The controversy surrounding Cunneyworth's promotion was also brought up at Montreal city council on Tuesday, with Vision Montreal leader Louise Harel - saying that council was becoming more 'anglicized' - arguing that most hockey fans in Quebec opposed the move and asking Mayor Gerald Tremblay to discuss it.

"Yesterday the question was asked to me by Radio-Canada...and I answered that Montreal is a French-speaking city, that the Montreal Canadiens are an institution and should truthfully reflect the will of Montrealers, which is that we should have a coach that speaks both (official) languages," replied  Tremblay.

Files from The Montreal Gazette were used for this report.