Weber's agent disappointed that Fistric not punished Staff

12/28/2011 3:37:35 PM

A day after Shea Weber's concussion was announced, the Nashville defenceman's agent has told TSN that he is not very happy that there was no additional punishment for the player who hit him.

"It is very disappointing that Mark Fistric's hit on Shea Weber in Dallas last Friday is not being looked at as a suspendable act," said Jarrett Bousquet, Weber's agent from Titan Sports Management Inc. "To me this is an illegal hit to the head and in complete violation of Rule 48. Fistric is a repeat offender and regardless of where the puck is, Fistric makes direct contact with Weber's head resulting in a concussion."

Weber was hit in the Dallas zone by Fistric while trying to chase a puck into the corner. Fistric checked Weber in the head area with what appeared to be his forearm, or possibly elbow. No penalty was called on the play.

"This is the exact kind of hit that the NHL is trying to eliminate," added Bousquet. "If the NHL wants to protect its superstars, or any player for that matter, hits like this should result in a suspension."

There is no timeline for Weber's return to the Predators' lineup.