GM Gillis "not sure" if goalie change will impact next season Staff

4/20/2012 8:47:30 PM

Following last season's Stanley Cup Final appearance, Canucks general manager Mike Gillis reiterated his commitment to winning a championship with goaltender Roberto Luongo.
One year later, he doesn't sound as sure.
With Cory Schneider having taken over Vancouver's net after the Canucks' first two losses against the Los Angeles Kings and winning Game 4 - the team's first victory of the series - there has been plenty of speculation about which goalie the team will go with for the future.
In an interview on the Team 1040 in Vancouver on Friday, Gillis wasn't as staunch in his support of Luongo as he has been in the past.
When asked if the current goalie change will have any impact on who will be in net this September, Gillis replied, "I'm not sure yet. We'll try and win this series and move on and if we do that, lots of things can continue to change."
Speaking on how Luongo has handled the situation, Gillis said Luongo has been supportive of Schneider.
"He understands that we needed a momentum change," said Gillis. "Roberto has played very well but sometimes you just need a change."
The Canucks GM was also asked how he felt the series against L.A. has gone so far.
"They have a good team that's patient and if you make mistakes you're going to pay. That's really the series in a nutshell."
Gillis laid out what the Canucks will have to do to win Sunday's Game 5 in Vancouver.
"If we stay disciplined and play the style we normally play - up-tempo and put a lot of pressure on them - I like our chances. If we make mistakes and play without any energy, we're not going to make it through this."