Switzerland wins mixed doubles gold; Canada out in quarters

The Canadian Press

4/29/2012 1:35:34 PM

ERZURUM, Turkey -- Sweden jumped out to an early lead and never looked back Sunday in beating Canada 10-1 in quarter-final action at the world mixed doubles curling championship.

Per Noreen and Camilla Johansson jumped out to a 5-0 advantage on Regina's Dean Hicke and Chantelle Eberle.

Switzerland went on to beat Sweden for gold 7-6 after advancing past the United States 9-7 in the semifinals. Sweden followed its win over Canada with a 13-3 rout of Austria.

Hicke and Eberle missed key shots and scored their only point of the game in the fifth end.

Meanwhile, Noreen and Johansson made virtually every shot and forced Canada to concede after seven ends.

"They just made everything and we just missed everything," Eberle said.

Hicke said the Canadian team could never get on track.

"They played good, better than good, they played great. We just didn't. The ice was a bit straighter on us. We just had an awful time following them in behind the centre guard," he said. "It just seemed to be end after end and perfect shots by them and not so good shots by us and that makes for a big score."