Munz: Jets continue preparations for opening round of draft

Brian Munz

6/21/2012 4:10:48 PM

The Winnipeg Jets continue their preparations for the opening round of Friday's NHL Draft in Pittsburgh.

Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff told TSN 1290 his scouting staff have held successful meetings with many of the prospects over the past 48 hours since their arrival and look forward to their ninth overall pick.

"We're spending a lot of time, you know, making sure we're going over the players well," Cheveldayoff said. "Certainly the scouts have spent a lot of time in the arenas filing reports, we've had numerous meetings over the last several weeks on the players that could be potentials for us."

Cheveldayoff also met with Ondrej Pavelec's agent this morning and Evander Kane's camp on Wednesday.

"One of the benefits of having the draft is that it not only brings teams together, it brings respective agents for the clients together," said Cheveldayoff. "It's good where you don't have to pick up the phone; you can actually meet face to face and chat.  Negotiations are ongoing with both those players and opportunities also exist for some of the potentially UFA players that played for the Jets last season."

Meanwhile, the NHL regular season schedule was released Friday morning. 

"It's nice to see the dates out there," said Cheveldayoff . "Behind the scenes, you start working on travel and hotel plans.  There is a lot that goes on, you don't just show up and play."