TSN Euro contest winner rides perfect bracket to victory Staff

7/11/2012 12:27:14 PM

There is only one way to guarantee success in a competition and that is to be perfect from beginning to end.  When it came to Euro 2012, even the champion Spanish National team did not achieve perfection due to their opening match draw against Italy.

However, TSN Euro Bracket Predictor winner, John Chassomeris, can claim exactly that. Chassomeris rode Canada's only perfect bracket to victory in the competition, beating out over 11,000 entries. As a result, he will keep riding all the way to PPL Park, home of the Philadelphia Union, to see the 2012 MLS All-Star Game.

For Chassomeris, there is one victory that stood above the rest in his selections and when it was successful, gave him the confidence that the big prize was possible - picking the eventual tournament runner-up to eliminate Euro 2012's only flawless team in the semi-final.

"The big game for me was Germany vs. Italy," said Chassomeris. "I chose Italy and everyone else had Germany.  Well, history has unraveled and that night I realized I had a chance at winning the whole thing."

While a rampant four-goal Spanish attack against a weakened Italian side eliminated most of the drama in the final, the rooting interests of the rest of Chassomeris' family caused some pre-game anxiety.

"My wife and kids were asked to leave seeing as they were pulling for Italy and I needed Spain to win," said Chassomeris. "I could not have any negative vibes around me, I was going for perfection."

There was one family member firmly in the winner's corner, someone who was at least partially responsible for the win in the first place.

"The day of the final, I decided to stay home and watch the game with my dad.  He was the one that got me so interested in soccer."

When Spanish captain Iker Casillas lifted the European Championship trophy, it meant Chassomeris' perfect bracket was sending him to Philadelphia to watch Canadian superstar Dwayne De Rosario and the 2012 MLS All-Stars take on 2012 Champions League and FA Cup winner Chelsea on July 25th.

Much like the three-time major tournament winners that helped him achieve this honour, Chassomeris is not about to rest on his laurels.

"Thank you TSN for the opportunity of a lifetime, see you all again in 2016."