Three Downs: Should Cornish have called out his O-line? Staff

8/11/2012 12:05:54 PM

Each week, The CFL on TSN panel will break down three hot button topics from around the Canadian Football League. This week they discussed the biggest storyline in the CFL so far this season, what has most plagued the Argos' offence, and Jon Cornish calling out his offensive line.

First Down: What has been the biggest storyline of the CFL so far this season?

Chris Schultz: I'm going with league parity. Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton are all 3-3 in the East and in the West Division, all teams are within a game of each other.

Matt Dunigan: I'm going with number of drops we've seen in the league thus far: 115 drops through just seven weeks of the football season. 115 isn't good enough, I'd like to see those receivers accountable and a receiving/reception stat is needed so we can evaluate these guys better.

Milt Stegall: I'm going with return game touchdowns. We've had seven so far this year – we had eight all of last year – on pace for 22. The record is 24 set back in 1995 when they had 13 teams. Definitely return touchdowns.

Second Down: What has plagued the Argos offence the most so far this year?

Stegall: I'm going with Ricky Ray's inconsistent play. You look at when the Argos have won games, in their three wins Ray has seven touchdowns and four interceptions compared to their three losses where he has one touchdown and three interceptions. That's not going to work. When he's playing at the top of his game they are one of the better teams in the CFL.

Dunigan: I'm going with their inconsistent run game. All quarterbacks, no matter how good or how experienced, they need a running game. It lets that offensive line get off and when Cory Boyd goes for 100 yards or more, this team is 10-3. Eight touches, 23 yards last week – not good enough. Get Boyd involved and it'll make Ray's life a lot easier.

Schultz: I'm going to go with the whole penalty issue. The Argos give up 82 yards per game on average to penalties. It's one step forward, two steps back. They are an improved football team but until they get those penalties under control they are not going to be able to compete with the best.

Third Down: Should Jon Cornish have called out his offensive line after their Week 5 loss against BC?

Schultz: This may surprise you but I'm going to say it was the right thing to do at the right time because of the response given by that offensive line against Hamilton. They played better, so I'll say yes, it was the right thing to do. Well done Jon, you have a lot of guts.

Dunigan: I'm going to say hell no, it is just uncalled for. Its mind boggling that a back gets the ball and a chance to be the guy for the first year is calling out the offensive linemen in Week 5. Get over it. When you get the ball, make something happen. I can't stand that.

Stegall: I'm saying yes. I agree with Schultz, the former offensive lineman. It worked, so I'm saying yes. If it hadn't have worked, I would have said no. So, good job.