O'Malley-Seidler group to carry on Padres' family legacy

Associated Press

8/29/2012 3:30:05 PM

SAN DIEGO -- The sons and nephews of former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley have taken over the San Diego Padres with a promise of continuing the family legacy of running a first-class organization.

The new ownership group includes O'Malley's sons, Kevin and Brian O'Malley, and nephews Peter and Tom Seidler, as well as San Diego businessman Ron Fowler, who has been designated as the team's control person.

Phil Mickelson has said he'll be involved in the group. But Peter Seidler said at a news conference Wednesday that he still needs to sit down with the golfer to finalize his involvement.

Fowler says that after the group spent $800 million to buy the club from John Moores, there's still money left to try to improve the Padres. The Padres have made the playoffs only twice since losing the 1998 World Series to the New York Yankees, which was the high point of Moores' 18-year ownership.