UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort fight-by-fight breakdown Staff

9/23/2012 1:21:38 AM

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will attempt to defend his title against former champion Vitor Belfort in the main event of UFC 152, tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Relive all the action with's round-by-round breakdown.


Charlie Brenneman vs. Kyle Noke

Round 1 - Noke engages first, but Brenneman responds with a combination. Noke lands a strong jab. A big right hand from Noke drops Brenneman to the canvas. Brenneman gets tagged by a few more shots on his knees and the official calls a stop to the bout. Brenneman jumps up and claims he was still able to fight, but based on the punches he was taking it's understandable that the fight was ended.

Noke wins by technical knockout (strikes) at 0:45 in the first round.

Mitch Gagnon vs. Walel Watson

Round 1 - The Canadian Gagnon is fighting out of Sudbury, Ontario. Gagnon hits Watson with a left hook. Watson has a significant reach and that could give Gagnon problems. Watson goes in on the attack with a superman punch that misses and Gagnon drops him with a left hook. Watson crambles as Gagnon takes advantage with several left hands. Watson gives up his back and Gagnon capitalizes securing the rear-naked choke and the victory.

Gagnon wins by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:09 in the first round.

Seth Baczynski vs. Simeon Thoresen

Round 1 - Baczynski and Thoresen are feeling each other out in the first minute. Baczynski is throwing heavy punches, but has yet to connect. Thoresen delivers a nice leg kick. Both fighters exchange punches in a quick flurry. Baczynski appears to be cut on his lip. The two fighters lock up in the clinch, ultimately breaking apart. Thoresen slips through Baczynski's defence and lands another punch to the face. Baczynski lands a punch and then an eye poke to Thoresen. After a brief stoppage, the fight continues. Thoresen with a nice kick pushing Baczynski up against the fence. Baczynski composes himself and hits Thoresen with a clean left hook over the top. The punch lands on Thoresen's jaw and Thoresen crumbles to the canvass, as the official jumps in to end the bout.

Baczynski wins by knockout (punch) at 4:10 in the first round.

Marcus Brimage vs. Jim Hettes

Round 1 - Brimage lands a quick right hand and Hettes falls to his knees, before jumping back up. Brimage connects again with a punch as Hettes stands right in front of him. Hettes goes for the takedown, but Brimage avoids it and escapes by jumping over Hettes. Brimage is pushing Hettes back with his combinations. Brimage is rushing Hettes, landing body shots. Brimage knocks Hettes to the ground again, and attacks. Hettes composes himself and Brimage recognizes that Hettes is the superior fighter on the ground, so he lets Hettes stand back up. Hettes catches Brimage with a punch on the top of the head. Brimage is slowing down as the first round continues. Hettes lands a few shots and Brimage responds with a counter. Brimage may have slowed down a bit, but he is still throwing plenty of punches as the round comes to a close. Scorecard: Brimage (10-9).

Round 2 - Brimage comes out of his corner and has a small cut over his left eye. Hettes misses with the leg kick and eats a few punches because of it. Brimage is still throwing combinations at will. Hettes finally gets ahold of Brimage and takes him down. Hettes moves into side control right away. Hettes lands a short elbow, but Brimage flips around and gets back to his feet. Hettes goes for a jumping knee and connects. Hettes follows it up by taking Brimage down again. Hettes works his game on the ground and gets Brimage's back. Brimage gets up to his knees, but Hettes secures the body triangle and pulls him back down. Brimage fights off Hettes' submission attempts and gets back to his feet with just over a minute left in the round. Hettes lands a jab. Brimage exerted a lot of energy fighting off the submissions earlier in the round and is slowing down once again as the round closes. Brimage ends the round by rushing forward with strikes, but doesn't land anything of significance. Scorecard: Hettes (10-9).

Round 3 - Brimage isn't afraid to rush forward with his attacks as the third round starts. Hettes avoid the attack, but gets caught by a pair of leg kicks. Brimage throws a solid left hand to the head. Brimage delivers another leg kick to Hettes' left leg. Brimage is taking more punishment in the exchanges than he was early in the fight. Brimage is throwing and moving, but Hettes keeps pushing forward. Brimage continues to throw the leg kick. Hettes attempts a takedown and fails. Hettes is sticking to the jab, while Brimage is all about power punches. Hettes tries for a takedown again and once again is stuffed. With a minute left it's anyone's fight. Brimage connects on another leg kick. Hettes kept moving forward in the third round, but it was Brimage who landed more strikes. Neither fighter asserted himself in the final round, but Brimage did enough to get the win on our card. Scorecard: Brimage (10-9).

Brimage wins by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Sean Pierson vs. Lance Benoist

Round 1 - The Canadian Pierson is fighting out of Toronto, Ontario. Benoist throws the first punch and Pierson answers with a shot of his own. The two fighters lock up and Benoist flips Pierson towards the cage. Nothing comes of the clinch and they break. Benoist lands two leg kicks before Pierson catches him with a punch and Benoist falls. Pierson is unable to capitalize and Benoist gets up. Benoist delivers another strong leg kick. Pierson catches Benoist with a counter and Benoist goes down to the canvass again. Pierson avoids the up-kicks to power down. Benoist is looking for submissions from the bottom, but Pierson gets away and the pair get back to their feet. The crowd is chanting "Let's Go Pierson" and he responds with a solid left hand. Pierson catches Benoist with the right hand this time. Both fighters swing wildly in the final 15 seconds. Pierson takes the round on our card by landing the more important strikes. Scorecard: Pierson (10-9).

Round 2 - Benoist throws first again, but Pierson attacks with a good combination and gets Benoist pinned up against the cage. As the fight moves back to the middle of the Octagon, punches are traded. Pierson is countering well and hits Benoist with a left hand. Benoist goes for the takedown, but Pierson flips it and scores the takedown himself. Pierson appears to be the stronger fighter and is using his strength to push Benoist around on the ground. Benoist gets back up to his feet and lands a straight left. Pierson catches Benoist again and he falls to his knees briefly before getting back up. Pierson hits Benoist with a straight left and follows it with a kick of his own. Benoist pushes forward and connects on a combination. The second round doesn't have the same pace as the first. Pierson goes for a takedown at the end of the round, but is stopped. It's a close round that could have gone either way, but we're giving the slight edge to Pierson. Scorecard: Pierson (10-9).

Round 3 - Benoist throws a kick and Pierson catches it. Benoist is trying for the kicks early and often in the third round. Both fighters exchange punches, with neither gaining an advantage. Pierson counters and Benoist lands a good elbow shortly afterward. Benoist is moving quicker now, but Pierson counters again with a good punch. Benoist connects with a strong leg kick. Benoist is bleeding around his left eye. Benoist caches Pierson with a left hand and Pierson stumbles. Benoist attacks and Pierson falls to the ground. Benoist lands several shots and it looks like Benoist will end the fight. Pierson scrambles and the official allows the fight to continue. Pierson impressively gets back to his feet, but needs to hang on for the final 30 seconds. Benoist can't finish the fight and it will go to the scorecards. Benoist definitely took the final round and with a close second he may have stolen the fight. We still have Pierson winning the first two. Scorecard: Benoist (10-9).

Pierson wins by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round.

T.J. Grant vs. Evan Dunham

Round 1 - The Canadian Grant is fighting out of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Dunham is the aggressor early and catches Grant with an uppercut. Dunham connects with a left hand, but Grant finally opens up and throws a nice right hand. Grant drops a combination on Dunham and Dunham answers with a punch to back Grant off. Grant pushes Dunham into the cage with a knee. Grant and Dunham exchange several punches as both fighters go to work in the first round. Dunham has a cut over his right eye and Grant is teeing off on Dunham at the fence. Dunham sticks his tongue out to call Grant on and he Grant connects with a big left hook. The Canadian is showing well so far. Dunham and Grant again trade shots as Dunham has his back to the cage. Grant back up and lands a right and then a left. Dunham gets a much-needed takedown with just over 30 seconds left in the round. Dunham stands back up and tries to move past the up-kicks and succeeds. The round comes to an end with Grant landing the better strikes, giving him the first round. Scorecard: Grant (10-9).

Round 2 - Grant tires for a kick that Dunham catches. Grant tags Dunham, but Dunham counters with a strong punch of his own. Dunham is up against the cage against with Grant pinning him there. Grant lands a big knee that open a big cut in the middle of Dunham's forehead. Dunham smiles and Grant follows it up with a right hand. Blood is gushing down Dunham's face. To his credit Dunham still seems composed as he punches away. Grant goes to the body with a punch and then catches Dunham's kick. Dunham gets caught with another knee and yells at Grant again. Dunham is not backing down, despite how bad his blood-covered face looks. Dunham gets a takedown in the final minute again. There is blood all over both fighters now as Dunham tries to do some damage with Grant down against the fence. Grant gets back up and the fighters exchange another series of punches as the round ends. Even with the takedown, Grant gets the round and is looking as good as he ever has in the Octagon. Scorecard: Grant (10-9).

Round 3 - This round starts with a flurry of shots again. Dunham is throwing a tonne of strikes and Grant is answering each punch. Dunham tags Grant, but Grant counters. Dunham lands a good combination and is pressing Grant. Grant gives a body shot and then a knee to the body as well. Grant continues to counter well. Grant catches Dunham's kick, but eats a punch for his troubles. Grant lands a leg kick to the inside of Dunham's leg. Dunham tries for another takedown, but fails in his attempt. Dunham is bleeding heavily from his forehead once again. Grant puts together a nice combination. Dunham throws a strong kick that Grant catches again. Both fighters continue to connect with their punches. Dunham tries for another takedown and is stopped by Grant. Dunham won't give up and tries for the takedown again and this time gets it. Grant puts Dunham into his guard. Dunham goes strong as the bell rings. Dunham takes the final frame, but we have Grant pulling out the win from his work in the first two rounds. This is an early contender for Fight of the Night. Scorecard: Dunham (10-9).

Grant wins by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Igor Pokrajac

Round 1 - The two fighters clinch right away as the bout begins. Pokrajac pushes Magalhaes up against the fence while remaining in the clinch. Magalhaes scores a takedown and ends up in top position. Magalhaes lands a big punch to his downed opponent. Pokrajac is trying to avoid punches, but Magalhaes stands and drops down with a big punch. Pokrajac gets Magalhaes into his guard. Pokrajac is throwing elbows from the bottom, but at the same time Magalhaes moves past his guard and gets side control. Magalhaes goes for an arm bar, but Pokrajac avoids it and ends up in top position. Magalhaes locks in the guard and begins throwing strikes from the bottom. Magalhaes is holding Pokrajac in tight with his left arm and right leg and he is landing shots from the bottom. Pokrajac gets away and gets back up to his feet with a minute left. Pokrajac pulls out of a clinch and lands a right hand right before the bell sounds. Magalhaes gets the slight edge with the takedown and strong work from the bottom. Scorecard: Magalhaes (10-9).

Round 2 - Pokrajac starts with an inside leg kick. Pokrajac gets Magalhaes down and Magalhaes immediately goes for a submission. Magalhaes rotates and tries for the armbar. Magalhaes flips over and gains leverage as Pokrajac is forced to tap.

Magalhaes wins by submission (armbar) at 1:14 in the second round.


Charles Oliveira vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1 - Swanson lands an inside leg kick early and then another leg kick follows. Oliveira pushes forward and Swanson clips him with a punch to the chin. Oliveira scores a takedown and ends up in top position. Oliveira lets Swanson feel his elbows from the top. Swanson slips away and gets back into the standup. Swanson continues to throw the leg kick. Oliveira chases Swanson across the cage, but doesn't find his target. Swanson lands a left hook to the body and then comes over the top with a right hand knockout punch that brings the first fight of the main card to a quick end.

Swanson wins by knockout (punch) at 2:40 in the first round.

Roger Hollett vs. Matt Hamill

Round 1 - The Canadian Hollett is fighting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hamill comes out fast and throws an inside leg kick followed by a punch. Hollett swings heavy with the left, but misses. Hollett goes for a big right hand over the top that lands. Hamill puts together a nice combination. Hollett continues to try for the big punch, while Hamill is moving forward and landing more strikes. Hamill goes for the takedown and gets Hollett down. Hamill moves onto Hollett's back against the cage. Hollett isn't mounting much of a defence and Hamill is just feeding Hollett punches to the side of the head. Hamill is in complete control dropping down hammer fists. Hollett is taking a lot of punishment on the ground. Hollett gets back to his feet in the final 10 seconds and throws a big knee and then a strong right hand as the round ends. Scorecard: Hamill (10-9).

Round 2 - Hollett tries a spinning back kick, but Hamill moves clear. Hamill goes for the takedown and Hollett avoids it. Hollett doesn't seem to have the right range as his punches are missing. Hamill goes for a takedown and succeeds, ending in Hollett's guard. Hamill does little on top and Hollett gets back up to his feet. The fans begin booing he lack of action in this round. Hollett goes for another spinning back kick and misses. Hollett tries for the spinning back kick again, but they aren't landing. Hollett finally lands with an inside leg kick. Hollett fakes a spinning back fist, but pulls it back last minute. Hamill seems tired as the second round progresses. Hamill may have tired himself out with his flurry in the first round. Hamill lands a takedown in the final 10 seconds and has control of this bout. Scorecard: Hamill (10-9).

Round 3 - Hollett will need a knockout if he plans on coming away with a win tonight. Hollett starts things off with a left hand. Hamill charges and scores another takedown. Hamill stands over his downed opponent and pressures him into turning onto his knees against the cage. Hamill is throwing punches and controlling Hollett, who is trying to get back to his feet. Hollett rolls away, but Hamill follows and gets into half guard. Hamill has dominated the action on the ground. Hollett gets back up and has two minutes to do something big. Hamill shoots and gets Hollett down again. Hamill is keeping his weight on Hollett and letting the seconds tick away. The official stands the fighters up and Hollett has one more chance. Hamill pushes Hollett against the fence and gets him back on the ground with minimal effort. Hollett is bleeding from his nose as Hamill powers through the final horn. Scorecard: Hamill (10-9).

Hamill wins by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann

Round 1 - Both fighters come out moving quick. A few small strikes lead into the clinch as they take turns pinning each other against the fence. Bisping pulls back and lands a knee. The pair break apart and move back into the centre of the Octagon. Stann delivers straight right hand to the face. Bisping returns the straight punch to the face. Stann mixes in an inside leg kick. Bisping goes for a takedown and pushes Stann against the cage. Bisping continues to try hard, but Stann fends it off. Bisping does score a good elbow in the clinch and the two fighters break apart again. Bisping catches Stann low with an inside leg kick, but Stann shakes it off and they keep going. A nice exchange of punches with both fighters landing shots. Stann returns the low kick to Bisping and the fight is briefly stopped as he recovers. Bisping lands a good left to the mouth of Stann. Bisping tries for the takedown and Stann stops it. As they move away Stann connects on a strong punch that staggers Bisping. Sensing weakness Stann charges, but Bisping locks him up as the horn sounds. Scorecard: Stann (10-9).

Round 2 - Bisping lands a jab that connects with Stann's face. Bisping goes for another takedown and this time around he makes it happen falling into side control. Bisping is working the body with right hands and putting his elbow into Stann's face. Stann reverses and ends up in top position, dropping a punch down on Bisping. Stann stands up for a second and Bisping uses the opportunity to get back to his feet. As they scramble, Bisping lands a few shots with just over two minutes left in the second round. Bisping tags Stan with a left hand. Bisping looks more crisp in this round, but it's another close one to call at this point. Bisping lands a combination and then goes for a takedown and scores it. Bisping is in side control again with 30 seconds left. Bisping attempts a kimura and then drops punches down on Stann. This one will be decided in the third. Scorecard: Bisping (10-9).

Round 3 - Both fighters throw a leg kick to start the final round. Bisping throws a couple jabs and then charges forward, scoring another takedown. Stann is back up quick and the action continues. Bisping has found his range and lands a nice right hand and then another. Bisping is mixing in leg kicks and is getting the best of the exchanges early in the third round. Bisping with another nice combination and Stann is starting to show damage on his face, especially his under his left eye. Bisping tries for another takedown, but ends up pinning Stann against the fence. Stann uses a knee to create separation and gets away. Stann throws a good body kick and Bisping counters with two punches. Stann is throwing big shots, but Bisping is landing more of his strikes. Bisping gets another takedown and lands a few shots, before Stann gets up. Bisping is pushing the pace, but Stann powers to the finish with a small flurry. Stann fought hard, but we're giving the final round and the fight to Bisping. Scorecard: Bisping (10-9).

Bisping wins by unanimous decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Demetrious Johnson
(Flyweight Championship)

Round 1 - This bout will crown the first ever UFC flyweight champion. Benavidez starts fast and charges forward with a leg kick. Don't blink because you might miss something in this bout. Johnson catches Benavidez with a left hand and then they lock up against the cage. They back out to the centre of the Octagon, but Benavidez chases Johnson into the fence again. Benavidez is pushing forward and walks into a right hand from Johnson. Benavidez attacks, but slips to the canvass before jumping back up. Benavidez attempts a spinning back fist that misses. Benavidez pins Johnson against the cage again. Benavidez kicks high, but Johnson blocks. Johnson lands the inside leg kick and then a solid right hand. Benavidez is charging forward, however he seems unable to track Johnson. Scorecard: Johnson (10-9).

Round 2 - Both fighters exchange punches, but neither is able to land a significant blow. Benavidez continues to power his way forward, but Johnson catches him with an inside leg kick. Benavidez lands a right hand and then a left leg kick. Benavidez goes for a takedown, but Johnson escapes. Benavidez tries for the takedown again and Johnson slips his leg away in the exact same fashion. Johnson avoid a punch and sneaks around behind Benavidez. The pair scramble and return to the standup. Johnson connects on a punch, but Benavidez answers. Benavidez lands a big right hand in the final 15 seconds of the second round. Another close round, but this one goes to the aggressor Benavidez. Scorecard: Benavidez (10-9).

Round 3 - Benavidez is chasing Johnson to start this round as well. Benavidez misses with a head kick that gets a reaction from the crowd. Benavidez throws a leg kick and Johnson catches it. Benavidez counters and lands a right hand. Benavidez is bleeding from his left eye now. Benavidez snaps with the inside leg kick. The crowd boos briefly for an unexplained reason as the two flyweights are throwing strikes with great frequency. Benavidez finally gets a takedown, but Johnson bounces back to his feet. Benavidez puts together a good combination. Benavidez goes high with a pair of kicks, but neither connect. Johnson clips Benavidez with a rand hand at the end of an exchange. The rounds continue to be close, but Johnson edges Benavidez in the third. Scorecard: Johnson (10-9).

Round 4 - Johnson throws an inside leg kick to start the round. Benavidez catches Johnson will a solid right hand and Benavidez attacks immediately. Benavidez moves into top position with Johnson on the ground. Benavidez locks in a choke and Johnson is trying get his chin away to avoid a submission. Johnson escapes and lives to fight on, but Benavidez is still in half guard and in a position of control. Benavidez moves into side control. Johnson spins away and gets back to his feet. Very impressive escape from Johnson. Benavidez tries to pull Johnson down, but he ends up underneath Johnson. The scramble back to their feet and Johnson gets his back briefly. Johnson drops under a punch and scores a takedown with 30 seconds left in the round. Johnson gets side control and begins punching away at his opponent's stomach. Johnson survived the round and looked good doing it, but Benavidez scored well in the fourth. Scorecard: Benavidez (10-9).

Round 5 - Final round wins the flyweight title on our card. Benavidez tries for a head kick and misses. Johnson throws a huge punch that misses as well. Johnson then drops low for a takedown and scores it. Benavidez gets up, but Johnson puts him down again. Johnson still looks sharp in the fifth round. Johnson catches Benavidez with a left hand. Johnson is working well in the exchanges and gets another takedown. Benavidez fights to get back to his feet, but Johnson does not make it easy on him. Benavidez is still attacking, however Johnson is the one landing his punches. Benavidez is struggling to find the target and Johnson is crisp in his punching and takedowns. Johnson pins Benavidez against the cage and as they come off the fence the horn sounds. It appears that Johnson is the first flyweight champion, but it'll be decided by the judges. Scorecard: Johnson (10-9).

Johnson wins by split decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.

Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort
(Light Heavyweight Championship)

Round 1 - Jones comes to the middle of the Octagon on his knees. Jones throws a kick as the first strike. Jones gets Belfort down against the cage. Jones is a much bigger fighter and Jones is controlling him on the ground. Belfort secures an armbar and holds the submission tightly. It looks like Jones might be in trouble. Jones stands up with Belfort still holding the armbar. Jones drops Belfort down on his head a couple times, but the hold is still locked in. Jones escapes, but just barely. Jones moves back into Belfort's guard and starts dropping elbows down on Belfort. Jones continues the elbows and Belfort is cut badly. There is a lot of blood pooling in Belfort's right eye. Jones is setting up the elbow and consistently landing it to Belfort's face. Belfort is taking a beating on the ground now. Belfort spins around and nearly gets up. Jones stands and drops down with punches as the round ends. Nearly an upset, but Jones takes the round. Scorecard: Jones (10-9).

Round 2 - Jones tries a spinning elbow and misses. Belfort throws a head kick. Jones throws a head kick that Belfort checks. Jones is using his straight on front leg kick to keep Belfort at bay. Jones swings one a couple big punches, but misses both. Jones with a front kick to the upper body and then a side kick. Jones clinches and Belfort lands a solid knee to the body and then pulls guard. Jones is back on top and in the position where he did all his damage last round. Jones is hitting Belfort with punches and elbows, but not doing as much damage as the opening frame. Belfort goes for a triangle choke in the final 10 seconds, but the round comes to an end. A much less exciting round as Jones goes up 2-0 on the scorecards. Scorecard: Jones (10-9).

Round 3 - Jones is still throwing his front leg kick that hits the knee and thigh straight on. Jones hits Belfort with a kick to the body and Belfort falls to the ground. Jones gets on top of his opponent and is back into a dominant position on the ground. Jones isn't as active and he stands up. The offical allows Belfort to stand as well. Jones goes for a spinning back kick and misses. Belfort atacks with a quick flurry. The crowd chants for "Vitor! Vitor!". Belfort gets Jones against the cage and pulls guard again. Jones is putting pressure on Belfort's neck and delivering punches to Belfort. Jones moves into half guard and is dropping elbows onto Belfort's face. Belfort slips back into full guard. Jones ends the round on top and takes another on the scorecard. Scorecard: Jones (10-9).

Round 4 - Belfort goes with a head kick and Jones blocks. Belfort gets in close and pulls guard against. Jones quickly moves into side control and grabs Belfort's arm putting it into an americana. Belfort is forced to tap.

Jones wins by submission (americana) at 0:54 in the fourth round.