Dreger: Frustration building as CBA talks continue

Darren Dreger,

10/2/2012 6:24:39 PM

Frustration on both sides of the NHL lockout continues to build - and it's simmering towards a boiling point.

While discussions have been going on since late last week, talks have not focused on the primary economic issues prompting this response from NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

"I'm really not sure where we go from here," he said. "We have done everything we can think of to try to engage the PA and invite them into a negotiation. But they aren't biting. I guess their definition of negotiating is making a proposal and standing pat until the other side accepts it."

The Players' Association says any suggestion it's stonewalling is a political move and nothing more than an attempt to muddy the process.

An NHLPA spokesperson says the players are willing to discuss all economic issues, but aren't willing to consider the NHL's call for an immediate salary reduction in any form – rollbacks or huge escrow included.

Daly estimates the NHL will suffer close to $100 million in lost revenue by wiping out all preseason games. That's a number that will grow by the millions each week as regular season games are cancelled.

And the first wave of cancellations could be announced as early as Wednesday.