Matt Shulist wins big with TSN Fantasy Football Staff

10/31/2012 11:24:41 AM

It's not easy to win playing fantasy football. You're matched up against maybe a dozen competitors and, despite all your preparation, still need good fortune when it comes to injuries and playing time to achieve year-end success.

That's why at least half the fun is in the cameraderie and trash talk that goes along with playing the game.

Unless, of course, your name is Matt Shulist and you win a trip to see your favourite NFL team live, just for playing TSN Fantasy Football.

Matt's keeper league has been going since 2004, starting as a rivalry between friends at the University of Waterloo and friends in his hometown of Milton, Ontario.

Not only was Matt lucky enough to be selected our Grand Prize Winner last season win the draw for this trip, he has also captured his league title (for the second time no less).

Given the option to see any regular season NFL game this season as his reward, Matt chose the San Francisco 49ers hosting the New York Giants in Week Six, as the 49ers fan hoped to witness redemption for last season's playoff loss. It didn't quite work out that way, as the Giants stomped the Niners, 26-3.

Even though the result wasn't what he had hoped, Matt was thrilled by the experience, enjoying the pre-game tailgate experience as part of a memorable day.

Matt holds out hope that his Niners are going to reach the Super Bowl this year, calling for a matchup against the Houston Texans, but that's not going to be an easy road. As we know, winning isn't easy, unless you're Matt.

And remember, for eligible participants currently playing TSN Fantasy Football presented by KIT KAT CHUNKY, you are still in the running to win our $10,000 Grand Prize this year (just for playing)!  Good luck in the second half.