Laraque steps down as CHLPA executive director Staff

11/2/2012 4:00:22 PM

The bizarre story of the proposed Canadian Hockey League Players' Association took several turns on Thursday.

On Thursday night, former NHL player Georges Laraque announced he is stepping down as executive director or the group and also also told press agency QMI that Derek Clarke is stepping down as spokesperson.

Clarke's identity has been a source of confusion.

TSN has established that there have been two people using the name Derek Clarke on CHLPA business, while the Canadian Hockey League believes one of those people is Randy Gumbley, a former hockey coach who has been convicted of fraud in relation to junior-aged hockey players.

Laraque arranged an interview for TSN with a Derek Clarke in Montreal on Thursday. Clarke agreed to appear on camera, but refused to do a planned interview with TSN's Dave Naylor, citing personal reasons.