Dreger: NHL, NHLPA intend to resume talks on Monday

Darren Dreger

11/17/2012 7:57:05 PM

The NHL and NHLPA intend on resuming bargaining Monday night in New York City.

The dynamic of those attending hasn't been confirmed, although it's expected both players and owners will be involved in what is described as a "smaller group" meeting.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly tells TSN the league's position has been somewhat misrepresented and while the NHL has certain parameters it isn't willing to budge on, he suggests there is flexibility as the negotiation remains in a critical stage.

"Nothing was ever said or even suggested that we needed the details of our proposal "down to the comma. We told them the issues we wanted addressed in the system. We told them we have provided a proposal that we think will effectively address those issues.

"But we told them that we are open to discussing other ways to address those issues if they want to propose any," continued Daly. "In fact, we used the exact example of "if we need five and we have proposed 3+2 to get there, that we are happy to listening to and considering 4+1 instead. I'm not sure why they chose to characterize the way they did. As I've said before, I can only control what we say."