UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit fight-by-fight breakdown Staff

11/18/2012 12:47:14 AM

Georges St-Pierre is still the UFC welterweight champion as he earned a unanimous decision victory over Carlos Condit in the main event at UFC 154 in Montreal.

Relive all the action with's round-by-round breakdown.


Darren Elkins vs. Steven Siler

Round 1 - Elkins comes out swinging and is all offence as he pressures Siler. Elkins powers Siler against the cage in the standup and continues working hard, before eventually scoring a takedown. Elkins is in a good position, but Siler manages to get him into his guard. Elkins remains aggressive in the top position and is backing off and then attacking with strikes. Elkins moves into side control, but Siler gets him back into half guard. Elkins throws a couple of left hands to soften up Siler on the ground. Siler pushes off and gets back to his feet, but Elkins won't let up and chases him, scoring another takedown. Elkins has a big lead in significant strikes. Elkins  goes for the submission with just under a minute left, but Siler is able to defend. Scorecard: Elkins (10-9).

Round 2 - Siler throws a low kick and Elkins rushes him, scoring another takedown. Elkins attempts a neck crank, but Siler is able to defend the submission once again and returns to guard. Elkins stands and looks for an opportunity to pounce on his opponent, but Siler hits him with an upkick. Elkins isn't slowed and as Siler tries to get up, Elkins scrambles and gets his back. With both fighters on the ground, Elkins is working on Siler. Elkins is punching away on Siler, as he still controls him on his back. Siler is showing signs of damage with blood pouring out of his nose. Elkins locks in a choke, but Siler fights it off. Elkins remains on Siler's back and is just punching him repetitively. Siler escapes another choke attempt and throws an elbow of his own, but he has lost another round. Scorecard: Elkins (10-9).

Round 3 - Siler throws a left hook and is clearly aware that he needs a stoppage in this round to win the fight. Elkins and Siler exchange stiff jabs in the opening minute. Elkins connects on another combination, followed by a jab. Elkins gets Siler down against and jumps on his opponent. Siler gets up, but is pinned against the fence. Siler isn't giving up, but he is having trouble mounting an attack in this bout. Siler defends against a takedown, but in the scramble he ends up on his back, with Elkins in his guard. Siler throws a right hand from the bottom, however Elkins is back to pounding away in top position. Siler tries for a triangle choke with a minute and a half left in the fight. Elkins breaks free and then successfully completes another takedown. Siler returns to his feet and gets a submission attempt with a gator roll, but Elkins gets away and Elkins  will take this one. Scorecard: Elkins (10-9).

Elkins wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Azamat Gashimov

Round 1 - Menjivar and Gashimov exchange blows right off the bat. Gashimov scores a takedown with just over four minutes left in the round. Menjivar goes for an armbar, but Gashimov lifts him and slams him down to breaks free. Gashimov then attacks right away, dropping down with strikes. Menjivar puts Gashimov into his guard and is working from the bottom with short punches to the sides of Gashimov's head. Menjivar locks the armbar once again and he has it deep. Gashimov flips and tries to escape, but cannot and is forced to tap. Menjivar gets the quick win.

Menjivar wins by Submission (Armbar) at 2:44 in the first round.

Matt Riddle vs. John Maguire

Round 1 - Riddle and Maguire trade leg kicks as they feel each other out. Maguire moves in tight throwing a punch, but Riddle counters and catches Maguire's foot, tripping him up. They remain in the standup and are both looking crisp with their striking. Riddle catches Maguire with a right hand and then throws a kick that Maguire catches. Riddle connects with a short elbow and keeps his distance. Riddle delivers a strong body kick that Maguire catches and Riddle jumps and spins out away to get his leg free. Riddle kicks and again has his leg caught. Riddle tries the spinning kick move to get his leg back, but Maguire charges him this time. Riddle defends a takedown right as the horn sounds. it's a close round, but we give the edge to Riddle. Scorecard: Riddle (10-9).

Round 2 - Riddle connects on a solid leg kick to Maguire's lead leg. Riddle pins Maguire against the cage and has double underhooks. Riddle delivers another big leg kick, this time to the outside of the leg. Riddle gets Maguire down , but remains in the standing and looks like he might not be willing to drop down into the guard. Riddle eventually attacks and moves into Maguire's guard, but then pulls away and stands up. The referee ends up standing up Maguire as well. Riddle gets Maguire against the cage, but no significant damage is done and they peel away and move back to the centre of the Octagon. Riddle picks up the pace and starts throwing heavy punches near the fence. Both fighters are swinging and the effort level picks up. Riddle gets off a flurry of strikes. It's a tough fight to call, but in our books Riddle leads again. Scorecard: Riddle (10-9).

Round 3 - Some brief exchanges early in the round, but not much happening in the first minute. Maguire lands an inside leg kick. A nice jab is thrown by Riddle as the time is ticking away in this round. Riddle gets Maguire up against the fence against and quickly responds with a combination. Maguire tries for a takedown, but Riddle defends and turns Maguire against the fence. Maguire eats a knee from Riddle as the two are in tight against the fence. We're into the final minute and Riddle is leaning on Maguire at the cage. Riddle tries to get the crowd going and calls Maguire on in the final 30 seconds. Maguire lands a knee and gets ahold of Riddle's neck, but it's too late as the horn sounds. It's a very close bout, but we see Riddle earning the victory. Scorecard: Riddle (10-9).

Riddle wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Antonio Carvalho vs. Rodrigo Damm

Round 1 - The Canadian Carvalho is sporting a great moustache as this fight gets underway. Carvalho is the first to strike, with a weak inside leg kick. Damm throws a heavy right hand. Damm also goes to the inside leg kick, but his was much harder. Carvalho continues to deliver the leg kick and it's resulting in some welts on Damm's leg. Both fighters have been primarily using kicks early in this fight. Carvalho is fast with his kicks and has tried for two high kicks that have both missed. Carvalho eats a leg kick, but is able to quickly deliver a kick of his own. Damm countersa with a stiff jab that snaps Carvalho's head back. Carvalho did a lot of damage to Damm's lead leg that round and that will come back to haunt him as the fight goes on. Scorecard: Carvalho (10-9).

Round 2 - Carvalho begins with an inside leg kick to Damm's lead leg. Carvalho has a bloody nose from Damm's stiff jab in the first round. Carvalho lands another leg kick, this time to the outside and you can only imagine the pain Damm must be in each time the leg connects. Carvalho throws a high and falls to the ground. Damm goes after him and scrambles, giving Carvalho an opportunity to get back to his feet. Damm throws two big punches, but neither finds their target. Damm lands a left hook and Carvalho answers with a leg kick. Damm is asserting himself a little more and lands a couple punches followed by a front kick to the body. Carvalho lands a solid right hand to the face right before the horn. It was a closer round and Damm did enough to take it. Scorecard: Damm (10-9).

Round 3 - Carvalho is still attacking with his kicks, landing another inside leg kick. The fans are getting restless as this round has seen fewer exchanges. Damm connects with his best kick of the bout and Carvalho's mouth piece comes flying out. After it's cleaned off, Carvalho is ready to continue. Damm takes the fight to Carvalho with some power punches. Damm seems to have found a second wind and is looking better in this round. Carvalho is relying on the leg kicks and hasn't been able to do much else in the last round and a half. Carvalho goes high with a kick and lands it. Damm's front leg absorbs another kick from Carvalho. Carvalho  is throwing several kicks near the end and even ends it with a flying knee, but nothing really does damage. It's another very close round. Carvalho did more damage throughout the fight and should be able to come away with a very close win. Scorecard: Carvalho (10-9).

Carvalho wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Sam Stout vs. John Makdessi

Round 1 - It's a matchup of two of Canada's best strikers as Stout and Makdessi square off. These two waste no time as they both come out striking. Makdessi goes for a body kick, while Stout is throwing his hands. Stout is putting together combinations, but hasn't really connected yet. Makdessi counters and Stout stumbles, but regroups. Makdessi lands a stiff jab that snaps Stout's head back. Makdessi connects with a body kick that pushes Stout back. Stout continues to push forward and lands a right hand that knocks Makdessi back. Stout throws a good leg kick and Makdessi catches it and counters with a right hand. Makdessi holds Stout in his tracks with another jab. Makdessi looks more polished as a striker so far. Stout hasn't been able to make this a brawl yet and Makdessi is keeping him at bay with jabs and spinning back kicks. Makdessi's jabs look even better because of Stout's hair style, which is longer and allows the hair to fly back every time Makdessi connects. A strong round for The Bull and Makdessi has the round. Scorecard: Makdessi (10-9).

Round 2 - Another fast start to the round. Makdessi catchesa kick and then lands a jab. Makdessi is moving well and making it hard on Stout to find his range. Makdessi is countering really well and Stout has been unable to do much damage thus far. Stout deliver a good front leg roundhouse kick that closes the distance. Stout lands a kick to the body and is turning it up a bit. Makdessi's jab is the most useful weapon for either fighter in this fight. Stout pops Makdessi with a jab of his own. Makdessi is backing up now and isn't as crisp as he was early in the first round. Makdessi defends a takedown for the third time in this fight. A much better round for Stout and he gets back into this fight. Scorecard: Stout (10-9).

Round 3 - It's a close fight and this round will decide it. Makdessi fends off Stout with a front kick and then a hook kick that connects. Stout is stalking Makdessi as he has most of this fight. Stout lands the lead left hook and Makdessi hits him back with the jab. Makdessi's left hand hits Stout square in the face. Makdessi is still moving well and jabbing away. Makdessi's right hand lands, but Stout keeps coming forward. Stout keeps eating punches as he moves in. Stout shoots for a takedown and is stuffed. Makdessi lands a head kick. Stout is hit low, but doesn't take long to get back into action. Stout shoots again and is defended. Stout is going all out at the end, but time runs out and Makdessi takes the third round and the fight. Scorecard: Makdessi (10-9).

Makdessi wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Cyrille Diabate vs. Chad Griggs

Round 1 - Griggs comes out fighting and is chasing Diabate around the Octagon. Griggs throws a leg kick and then grabs Diabate. Diabate counters and drops Griggs with a punch. Diabate gets into top position and moves to side control. Griggs escapes, but Diabate slams him back down. Diabate is working the ground and pound up against the cage and Griggs is bleeding from his face. Griggs is back up to his feet and is able to trip up Diabate and get him down. Diabate gets back up and is all over Griggs. Diabate takes his back and has a choke sunk in. Griggs is forced to tap as Diabate gets the rear-naked choke victory.

Diabate wins by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:24 in the first round.

Patrick Cote vs. Alessio Sakara

Round 1 - Both fighters are trying to find their range in the first minute. Cote lands a series of punches to Sakara and Sakara is rocked. Sakara is defending with strikes and he turns Cote up against the fence. Sakara connects with a couple of strong elbows and Cote is in trouble. Cote falls to the canvass and Sakara begins dropping hammer fists down on him. Four or five of the shots from Sakara appear to hit Cote in the back of the head, but Cote is unable to defend himself and the referee jumps in to stop it. The officials deem that Sakara won with the illegal punches to the back of the head and he gets disqualified.

Cote wins by Disqualification (Strikes to back of head) at 1:26 in the first round.


Mark Hominick vs. Pablo Garza

Round 1 - Garza lands a mean leg kick to the body, but Hominick comes out moving forward and closing the distance. Garza has a big reach advantage and he's using it early to keep Hominick away. Hominick lands a nice left hand and then a strong combination. Garza delivers a knee, then Hominick avoids further strikes. Garza throws a good combination that ends with a leg kick. Hominick hands a stiff left to his opponent. Hominick  appears to be doing damage with his heavy hands. Garza goes for a takedown and Hominick flips him and gets the takedown himself. Garza locks in an armbar, but Hominick fights his way out of it. Hominick ends up in Garza's guard and is giving some punishment to Garza. They scramble back to their feet and the torrid pace continues. Hominick hits a stiff body shot that drops Garza. Hominick attacks and lands several strikes, but Garza stands back up and catches Hominick  with a shot that cuts the Canadian. Hominick is bleeding around his left eye and Garza is attacking him as the horn sounds. Hominick did enough to win the round early, but Garza did a lot of damage late. Scorecard: Hominick (10-9).

Round 2 - Garza comes out with a flying kick that misses. Garza lands an outside leg kick and Hominick answers with a right hand. Garza goes for the takedown and after scramble Garza ends up with Hominick's back. Hominick spins and puts Garza into his guard. Garza is on top, but hasn't been able to do any real damage to Hominick yet. Garza begins attacking with elbows and finally breaks through Hominick's defences. Garza is unloading on Hominick from the top and Hominick is bleeding again. Hominick tires for a submission, but Garza escapes it and stays in control. Hominick is bleeding badly and is struggling through this round. Garza is just destroying Hominick on the ground, but the Canadian continues to defend himself. Scorecard: Garza (10-9).

Round 3 - Garza goes high with a head kick to start the final round. Hominick is still pushing forward despite the swelling and cuts on his face. Hominick puts together a good combination. Garza scores a big takedown and is back in top position in Hominick's guard. Hominick is trying to hold Garza close, but he is in trouble if he can't get back to his feet. Garza is just peppering Hominick with short punches to the face. Garza lands a big elbow and time is running out for Hominick. Hominick scrambles and gets back to his feet, but Garza goes for another takedown. Hominick attempts a submission and Garza is easily able to get away and ends up back on top of the Canadian. Hominick tries for an armbar late in the round, but Garza pulls away. Garza ends up winning this bout with his work on the ground. Scorecard: Garza (10-9).

Garza wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Mark Bocek vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Round 1 - The two fighters lock up and move against the cage as they battle it out in the opening minute. Bocek clips dos Anjos with a short elbow, but they move apart and back to the centre of the Octagon. Beck pins dos Anjos against the cage is trying for a takedowns. dos Anjos scores a pair of solid knees out of the clinch. dos Anjos moves in fast and catches Bocek with a right hand. Bocek throws a knee of his own and pushes dos Anjos against the fence. dos Anjos connects with a kick and Bocek responds by going for a takedown, but dos Anjos defends well. Bocek pins him against the cage again and that makes five takedowns that dos Anjos has stuffed. Scorecard: dos Anjos (10-9).

Round 2 - Bocek throws an inside kick and it hits dos Anjos low, directly in the mid-section. The referee stops the fight briefly, and dos Anjos composes himself. The fight resumes and dos Anjos seems fine as he stuffs another takedown attempt. dos Anjos takes Bocek down against the fence and the two fighters are battling for position. dos Anjos tries for the submission, but Bocek escapes. Bocek is bloodied now and dos Anjos is exerting himself. As they move back to standup, dos Anjos looks like he is still very fresh as he stops another takedown attempt. dos Anjos gets Bocek down and is working away with strikes and submission attempts. Bocek is being dominated by dos Anjos and there is still a minute left in the round. dos Anjos lifts Bocek and scores another takedown. Bocek gets back to his feet, but eats a few shots for his troubles. Scorecard: dos Anjos (10-9).

Round 3 - Bocek's face looks rough as the third round starts. dos Anjos looks comfortable teeing off on Bocek in the standup. Bocek is unable to get a takedown and when dos Anjos shoots and fails, Bocek can't even hold him down for long. Back to the clinch, where dos Anjos lands a knee to the body and then slams Bocek to the canvass. Bocek is fighting hard, but he is being outclassed in this matchup. Bocek tries for a kimura, which dos Anjos gets out of easily. dos Anjos throws a flying knee as Bocek comes in. Bocek lands a good right hand. dos Anjos pushes him up against the cage as the two fighters lock up again. dos Anjos isn't slowing down as he throws a few kicks that excite the crowd in the final 30 seconds. Scorecard: dos Anjos (10-9).

dos Anjos wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Tom Lawlor vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1 - Lawlor pins Carmont against the cage right away and is working hard to gain leverage. Carmont lands a knee while still locked up against the fence. Both fighters take their turns holding each other against the cage before the referee breaks them up and resets the fight in the middle of the Octagon. Lawlor pushes Carmont back up against the fence, and Carmont attempts a kimura, but he gives it up. Carmont throws a body kick that connects with Lawlor's body. Lawlor locks in a guillotine choke and drops into guard. Carmont seems to have room to work, despite being held tight. Blood pours out of Carmont's mouth, but he is able to slip out of the hold before the round ends. Scorecard: Lawlor (10-9).

Round 2 - Carmont cracks an inside leg kick to start the round. Carmont delivers a very hard knee that stands Lawlor right up. Lawlor closes the distance and gets the fight back up against the cage. Carmont throws a big combination to back Lawlor up and move the fight back to the centre of the Octagon. Carmont is throwing the front kick, but hasn't connected with it yet. Lawlor powers Carmont back into the fence. Carmont uses the left hook to create space again. Lawlor scores a takedown and is on top in Carmont's guard. Lawlor hits Carmont with a knee as he gets up to his feet and Lawlor keeps him pinned against the cage. Carmont throws a knee of his own. Lawlor gets another takedown, but Carmont is attacking from the bottom. Lawlor spins and gets the guillotine locked in against with 30 seconds left in the round. Carmont slips out and throws a couple punches, but on our card it looks like Lawlor has taken the first two rounds in a hard fought bout. Scorecard: Lawlor (10-9).

Round 3 - Carmont throws a flying knee, but Lawlor grabs him and gets him back against the fence. Lawlor is holding Carmont against the fence and not doing much else so the referee breaks them up and resets the fight again. Lawlor gets him back up against the fence and is controlling the action, even though Carmont is defending well. Carmont escapes and moves back to the middle of the Octagon with a minute and a half left. Lawlor lands another right hand, but doesn't have much power behind it. Carmont snaps an outside leg kick, but he will need more than that at this point. Lawlor powers Carmont into the fence again and despite the crowd booing the lack of action, Lawlor seems to be winning. It's a tough fight to score, but we see Lawlor as the victor. Scorecard: Lawlor (10-9).

Carmont wins by Split Decision at 5:00 in the third round.

Johny Hendricks vs. Martin Kampmann 

Round 1 - Kampmann goes high a kick that gets checked right away. Hendricks  charges and throws two power lefts as he chases Kampmann across the Octagon. Hendricks resets and then ends the fight with a left hand that instantly drops Kampmann and it's lights out. Hendricks is a legit contender in the welterweight division.

Hendricks wins by Knockout (Punch) at 0:46 in the first round.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Carlos Condit
Welterweight Championship

Round 1 - St-Pierre corners Condit against the fence and is hunting him around the Octagon. St-Pierre is keeping Condit on the outside of the cage, cutting off his movement. Condit has thrown a few strikes, but has yet to find his range. Condit lands a nice jab, but St-Pierre shoots and gets a takedown. St-Pierre is into Condit's guard. Condit has tried two submissions from the bottom, but St-Pierre moves into half guard. St-Pierre begins throwing strikes and is roughing Condit up with the ground and pound. St-Pierre is throwing strikes and trying to pass guard. St-Pierre ;amds a good elbow and is taking the fight to Condit on the ground. St-Pierre is landing some bigger shots as he bullies Condit. St-Pierre has opened up a big cut on Condit's face. Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9).

Round 2 - St-Pierre connects with a left jab and Condit is having trouble finding his target in the first minute of the second round. St-Pierre goes for a head kick, but misses. St-Pierre delivers a good right hand and the crowd reacts. Condit throws a right hand of his own that lands. St-Pierre with another jab right on Condit's chin. Condit lands a couple strikes and is backing St-Pierre up a little bit. St-Pierre is moving well and still pushing forward at Condit. St-Pierre shoots and scores another takedown. St-Pierre passes to half guard and delivers a an elbow right to the cut on Condit's head. Condit is bleeding everywhere now, but is still trying to throw strikes from the bottom. St-Pierre is hammering Condit with strikes as the two are fighting in a sea of red. Condit scores an elbow to back St-Pierre off however briefly. Condit gets up, but eats a punch. Condit is throwing kicks, but they don't land as the horn sounds. Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9).

Round 3 - St-Pierre with a nice inside leg kick to start things. Condit hits St-Pierre with a kick to the head and St-Pierre falls to the canvass. Condit pounces and is trying to end this fight. St-Pierre is defending himself and is trying to survive. Condit is on the attack and is delivering punches to St-Pierre on the ground. St-Pierre fights his way back to his feet and the crowd erupts. St-Pierre lands a combination against the cage and then takes down Condit and is back on top despite being rocked earlier in the round. St-Pierre is slowing things down and pushes Condit against the cage on the ground. St-Pierre is working away now with strikes as Condit is pinned against the fence with nowhere to go. Condit gets back to his feet, but is still against the fence. St-Pierre puts Condit back down and returns to top position. GSP is into half guard and is rotating between punches to the head and attempts to pass guard. St-Pierre ends the round in control, but we give the round to Condit thanks to the big head kick and the early damage done. Scorecard: Condit (10-9).

Round 4 - St-Pierre begins this round with a significant welt on the side of his head. Condit lands another head kick to the same spot, although not as damaging as the last round. GSP shoots and gets Condit down. St-Pierre moves into side control and Condit quickly defends and gets St-Pierre into half guard. Condit is throwing punches from the bottom and not just letting St-Pierre tee off on him. St-Pierre is smothering Condit this round and not letting him escape. Condit is fighting from the bottom and seems comfortable despite being held down. St-Pierre escapes a submission attempt and lands a few strikes on Condit. Condit reverses and he gets into top position with one minute left in the round. St-Pierre gets back up and takes Condit down instantly. There is a lot of blood being split again this round and the canvass is turning red. St-Pierre pushes Condit into the cage and begins beating him up as the horn sounds. Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9).

Round 5 - Condit tries to go high with a kick again, but St-Pierre avoids it. St-Pierre gets an inside leg kick and Condit responds with a spinning leg kick. GSP shoots again and for the sixth time gets Condit down. Condit gets back to his feet and side kicks St-Pierre away. St-Pierre tags Condit with a right hand. Condit pushes forward with a right hand and then a straight left. St-Pierre checks a head kick by Condit. Condit is still throwing strikes and trying to win this fight. St-Pierre lands two jabs and then a big right hand. St-Pierre scores another takedown and is back into half guard. St-Pierre is trying to get a full mount, but Condit is holding him in half guard. Condit gives up his back to try to get away and after rolling around the two fighters end up back in guard with St-Pierre on top. St-Pierre powers to the finish with big elbows and appears to have won the bout. Scorecard: St-Pierre (10-9).

St-Pierre wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the fifth round.