Report: Brouwer frustrated by Hamrlik, Neuvirth comments Staff

11/23/2012 9:52:53 AM

Whenever the National Hockey League lockout ends, there could be some interesting words exchanged in the Washington Capitals' locker room.

According to the Washington Post, Troy Brouwer, one of the Capitals' two player representatives to the union, was frustrated by the recent comments made by his teammates about the NHLPA and the current lockout.

Within a two-day span, defenceman Roman Hamrlik spoke out against the NHLPA's negotiations and goaltender Michal Neuvirth stated that the lockout was more about "several superstars with big contracts," than the rest of the players.

Brouwer took exception to those comments.

"Those are two guys that have never been on a conference call, never been to a meeting, never paid attention," Brouwer told The Post. "People are going to have their own opinions but when you're fighting for something with 700 other guys, all you're doing is just making it harder to make a deal and making it harder to accomplish the things we're fighting for.

"For me, I think those guys selling us out, being selfish like that and making those comments..." Brouwer continued. "Me being on their team, how am I going to trust them as a teammate from now on? Because you know they're not going to support players in the big scheme of things when you go and you play on the team with them; it's going to be tough to want to back those guys from now on."

Despite the comments from both Hamrlik and Neuvirth, Brouwer told the Post that the NHLPA remained a solid unit.

"It's frustrating as players having other players come out and say this but we still as a core are very strong," Brouwer said. "We still believe the same things. We stand by the proposal that we made (Wednesday) and nothing's going to change."