H. Sedin: Owners' views on lockout "a little mind-boggling" Staff

12/4/2012 12:13:33 PM

With six National Hockey League owners and a group of players set to meet later today in an effort to resolve the lockout, some members of the Vancouver Canucks voiced their frustrations on Monday.

Captain Henrik Sedin was one of the players that spoke to the Vancouver Province.

"I think from Day 1, this has fallen into what we really thought was going to happen," Sedin told the paper. "I don't know if they [owners] think they're dealing with kids or that we're stupid or think the fans are stupid. It's a little mind-boggling when you see what's coming out of their side. I want to hear a change, that they're actually going to give us something in return for the things we've given them.

"I doubt that may happen tomorrow [Tuesday] but it's a start. It's good to see that there are new owners coming into the meeting, but the bad thing is there are still some of the tight group that has been there since Day 1. That's a concern."

Defenceman Kevin Bieksa stated that the players don't want to give up on the season, but the players wonder what the owner's agenda really is.

"That's the one thing we've kind of been puzzled by in this whole negotiation," he said. "When do they want to settle and what do they want to settle for? Is it just a money issue or the contracting rights and what are the reasons for them? Owners doing it face-to-face [Tuesday] with players on their team and to look those guys in the eye, it should be good."

All games through Dec. 14 have already been wiped off the schedule, along with the outdoor Winter Classic on New Year's Day and All-Star Weekend that was slated for January in Columbus.

The lockout entered its 80th day on Tuesday, and at best, there will only be a shortened season if there is any hockey at all.

The union has allowed any players who wanted to attend previous bargaining sessions to come, but the NHL has limited the owners who could take part.