The Quiz: Who would you pick at No. 1 - Jones or MacKinnon Staff

1/18/2013 12:31:49 AM

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Nine different teams have won the Stanley Cup in the past nine years. Which of the following is most likely to make it 10 in 10: Flyers, Rangers, Blues or Canucks?

Ray Ferraro: I'm going to take the Rangers because if there was one weakness that they had last year is that they didn't score goals very easily. They've got one of the best goaltenders in the league, a young defense, and up front they added Rick Nash.

Aaron Ward: I'm going with the Canucks for the fact that I'm sticking with the trend of teams least likely to make it.

Bob McKenzie: I'll say Rangers are the most likely candidate. You want a team to defend - the Rangers can do that. You want a team that's got ace goaltending - Rangers have that. And you want a team that has a knockout punch offensively. They didn't have that last year but getting Rick Nash helps in that regard.

Which of the three highest profile UFAs will most likely be traded this season: Jarome Iginla, Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry?

McKenzie: I'll say Corey Perry. I think he's going to fetch a big price on the open market and I don't know if the Ducks can afford to pay both him and Getzlaf.

Ward: Getzlaf, because I can't see Iginla getting traded from Calgary. Plus, as Bob said, the Ducks can't afford both Getzlaf and Perry.

Ferraro: I'm going to go with the Ducks guys as well and say Perry. Perry, I believe, would bring a higher price than Getzlaf and if you have to choose, keep the centreman and move the winger.

Pro or con on Avs' Gabriel Landeskog becoming a captain at just 20 years of age?

Ward: I say pro. They did it with Steve Yzerman in Detroit in the early 80's; why not now?

McKenzie: I'm going to say con. I love Landeskog as a hockey player but I just don't like, in principle, putting that much on the shoulders of a 20 year old.

Ferraro: I'm going to say pro because of the youth of the team. I was told that he has the presents in the room of Jerome Iginla and you see what he does on the ice.

If the 2013 Draft were held today, who would you pick No. 1 overall, Seth Jones or Nathan MacKinnon?

Ferraro: Jones. I watched him at the World Junior tournament for seven games and this is Chris Pronger without the edge. He gets around the ice and has the reach of a pterodactyl and the guy can play all day.

McKenzie: I'll say MacKinnon. Don't be seduced by everything that happened at the World Junior Championship where Jones was so good and MacKinnon wasn't because he didn't play that much. MacKinnon is still a dynamic offensive player that's tenacious.

Ward: Jones for the same reason I couldn't stay in the NHL - he has a big body and he has skill.