After Marc's injury, Eric and Jordan Staal to don visors Staff

3/22/2013 2:02:00 PM

Just over two weeks after their brother Marc suffered a severe eye injury after getting hit with an errant puck, Eric and Jordan Staal revealed they will start wearing visors.

The brothers, and Carolina Hurricanes teammates, donned visors for the first time in practice Friday and could wear them in game action as early as next week.

"I just feel like the risk isn't worth it right now," Eric said on Friday. "Sometimes you feel like you're invincible, but as many guys have seen, you're not. Unfortunate injuries can happen. It's just being smarter."

"It's a smart thing to wear, and there's no question it's a good thing I'm trying it," echoed Jordan.

Marc has yet to return from his injury but reports state the New York Rangers defenceman is making progress.  While there is no timetable for his return, Eric and Jordan expressed optimism he would make a full recovery.

Marc's injury has reignited the debate over whether visors should be mandatory. The NHLPA has stated they would consider grandfathering in mandatory visors.

Marc has also stated he will wear a visor once he returns to action, meaning all three brothers will sport them.

“Safe to say that the family is happy we are doing it,” Jordan added.