Play of the Year Showdown - Boyle vs. Foligno Staff

5/2/2013 12:18:00 PM's 2013 Play of the Year Showdown keeps round one moving with entries from San Jose Sharks All-Star defenceman Dan Boyle and the Buffalo Sabres' talented youngster, Marcus Foligno.

The first of these two 2013 POY candidates is delivered by dependable Sharks defenceman, Dan Boyle. Boyle pulls the ol' ‘coast-to-coast, dangle-city, don't forget the pretty finish' move against a seemingly flat-footed Minnesota team. One of the better-looking end-to-end goals this year, can Boyle's moves take him to the top of the 2013 POY Showdown?

There is something distinctly reminiscent of Foligno's hard-nosed play to wrangle the puck at the side of the net, though it is the amazing way he gets the puck to the back of the net that really makes this play stand out. Sadly there is no Foligno leap on this one, but this POY entry certainly deserves one.

You can watch the highlights and make your decision here. Every vote counts so watch all the plays and take part in the Play of the Year Showdown.

Player facts:

- In 2011, Boyle led all NHL players in Power Play Goals On-Ice For (tied with Tampa's Steven Stamkos) with 57

- Foligno's first career NHL game was against the Ottawa Senators and his brother Nick. Three months later, Marcus scored his first NHL goal against his brother's Senators in a 4-3 Sabres shoot-out win.

Fun facts:

- Boyle suffered a freak injury during the 2007 NHL pre-season when his hockey skate slipped off of a hook at his locker. The skate hit him in the wrist, severing three tendons. As a result, Boyle was forced to miss over 40 games that year

- Marcus Foligno is the youngest son of the former Buffalo Sabres winger, Mike Foligno. Marcus's older brother Nick also plays in the NHL and currently plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets