McLennan's Post 2 Post: Reimer solid, but would like GWG back

Jamie McLennan

5/9/2013 2:28:59 AM

Throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL on TSN analyst and former NHL goaltender Jamie McLennan ranks the netminders after each game night.

Number values assigned are out of five with five being the best performance.

James Reimer - 3 - The game-winning goal was shortside and through the body; a goal Reimer would like back. He was huge in the first period though, keeping the Leafs in the game as the Bruins peppered him with shots.

Tuukka Rask - 4 - Rask got better as the game went on; made two 10 bell saves in overtime; and his rebound control was elite - he catches as many pucks as possible. Rask had complete control of his game.

Jimmy Howard - 3 - Howard was brilliant in the first period to keep the RedWings in it. He had no chance on the winner as it was a back door play.

Jonas Hiller - 4- Hiller gave up one tough rebound goal, but was rock solid for the Ducks. He had really good focus on crease play as the Wings crashed the crease all night long.

Henrik Lundqvist - 3 - Lundqvist made saves when it counted. Brouwer's goal was not great however: short side and he was deep on the play.

Braden Holtby -2 - Holtby didn't have a very good game. He gave the first goal away with poor puck handling andwas late on plays. He just looked off his game.

Jonathan Quick - 4 - Quick had a very aggressive game; looked a lot like the Quick from last year: explosive, fast and confident.

Brian Elliott - 2 - Elliott gave up a bad game-winning goal against. He was deep coming across and it goes through the body, not a goal that can be given up in the playoffs, let alone in overtime.