Play of the Year Showdown rolls on with Boyle vs. Lehtonen Staff

5/24/2013 11:59:53 AM

Round Two of's 2013 Play of the Year Showdown continues with another excellent player versus goalie match-up.

In Round One of this year's POY, Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks took on Sabres' forward, Marcus Foligno. Boyle dusted the youngster with ease, taking home 61.20% of the votes, while Dallas netminder, Kari Lehtonen had no trouble moving on past Henrik Lundqvist, capturing 78.87% of the votes.

Boyle pulls the old ‘coast-to-coast, dangle-city, don't forget the pretty finish' move against a seemingly flat-footed Minnesota team. One of the better-looking end-to-end goals this year, will Boyle's strong individual efforts take him to the top of the POY ladder?

Lehtonen's save in an incredible feat of athleticism, coordination, and highway robbery. The original shot handcuffs a screened Lehtonen and the rebound bounces dangerously towards the net, but it is what he does next that had everyone on the ice doing a triple take.

You can watch the highlights and make your decision here. Every vote counts so watch all the plays and take part in the Play of the Year Showdown.