Gallo: Als looking to get offence back on track vs. Stamps

Mitch Gallo

7/11/2013 2:22:20 PM

It's not time for the Montreal Alouettes to hit the panic button…yet.
"You just have to be professional, we've all been in situations where we've been doing great and other situations when we've struggled," Anthony Calvillo said. "You just forget about it and move forward and that's the plan for this week."
The score in the Als 19-11 loss to the hands of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last Thursday night didn't do the game justice as the team struggled badly on offense to the point of being painful to watch for fans, players and coaches.

Despite the poor showing, the Als aren't willing to let the loss snowball into something more.
"I think the kind of club we have because of their maturity, their athletic ability, we're going to be in every game," head coach Dan Hawkins said. "When that match ignites that gas tank and that explosion happens it's going to very exciting."
This week presents a unique opportunity, as Montreal takes on last West representative in the Grey Cup, the Calgary Stampeders, who will be missing their number one quarterback Drew Tate.
Kevin Glenn will be suiting up for the Stamps in his place, but the Als primary focus is on getting the offence started on the right foot.

"We just got to do our job, everyone's got to stick together," linebacker Shea Emry said. "There's always ebbs and flows to the game, you just have to stick to the plan and then hopefully come out on top."

Jerome Messam will make his Alouettes debut, although he can be expected to handle a special teams role while Brandon Whitaker gets the majority of touches at running back.
The fact that the game is on a Friday night at home gives Montreal an extra day off, no travel and an extra practice day to get some of the kinks out of theoffence. We'll see if one extra day is enough.