Gibbons: Blue Jays 'may be' looking at pitchers Staff

1/10/2014 2:39:41 PM

The Toronto Blue Jays appear to be looking to upgrade their pitching staff, though they're not tipping their hand too far.

Speaking with reporters on Friday, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said that once pitcher Masahiro Tanaka signs with an MLB club, some moves could follow for Toronto.

"I think once something happens with Tanaka, some things could break. Whether anything happens with us, nobody knows."

When asked what general manager Alex Anthopoulos and the Blue Jays management was looking for in the free agent market, Gibbons said they "may be looking at some different pitchers."

However he stopped short of saying the Jays need to bring in another player on the mound.

"We like the group we have here, we said that all last year, we just didn't play as well as we expected to. As far as the talent we have and players on the field, we're very satisfied. Everybody's looking for pitching, there are very few teams who are satisfied where they're at."

As to whether or not the Jays will attempt to make a play for Tanaka, Gibbons said only that the Jays had looked in to him.

"They're feeling around, seeing what's going on with him but I think most of the teams out there have at least put out some feelers on him. He's going to make a lot of money, I know that."

Gibbons said he knows fans were disappointed by the team's 74-88 record and that the team must improve. 

"I expect us to be much better this year just with the guys we have, whether there are any more additions or not."

Gibbons did point out, however, that there's still time to make moves before the season begins on March 31.

"We'll see...there are still a couple months before the season starts. We're not sure what's going to happen," said the manager.

"I like this group, we like this group."