Your Call: Should Flames' Hartley be facing discipline too?

Ryan Horne,

1/20/2014 12:58:25 PM

Vancouver Canucks head coach John Tortorella will learn his fate today after Saturday night's line brawl against the Calgary Flames.

Many think there's a good chance he'll be fined and possibly suspended for an altercation outside of the Flames' locker room, where he tried to confront the team about the line brawl that started the game.

The question that's lost in all the controversy is - should anything be done about Calgary's head coach Bob Hartley?

Should he receive supplemental discipline as well? Should Hartley receive the same amount of blame as Tortorella?

Being the road team, Hartley submitted his starting lineup first which included fourth liners Brian McGrattan, Kevin Westgarth and Blair Jones. If Hartley had started his first or second line, as most coaches do to start games, there's a good chance the incident wouldn't have happened.

Hartley said after the game that he had no intentions to start any fighting.

"Those guys are playing well for us," he said. "They got a goal last game. We're not scoring many goals. We had zero intentions there.

"As far as I know they were the home team. They had the luxury to put whoever they wanted on the ice."

Tortorella felt he had no choice but to respond with his fourth line of Tom Sestito, Kellan Lain and Dale Weise.

"I know the other guy across the bench," said Tortorella in defending his decision after the game. "It's easy for people to say 'well put the Sedins out there and it's deflated.' I can't put our players at risk like that.

"With the lineup that he had, I'm not going to put those types of players at risk and that's what ensued. I'm not proud of it. I've apologized to every one of the players involved in it. I don't feel great about it at all."

Before the game was even five minutes old, 150 minutes of penalty time had been assessed and misconducts were handed out to all ten players involved in the melee, including eight who were thrown out of the game.

Did Hartley poke the bear and force Tortorella's hand? And if so, should Hartley be held accountable?

As always, it's Your! Call.